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Taking into consideration Islam`s call for all peoples and nations to know each other as God says in the Qur`an: “o mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another”, and in the light of welcoming all the voices calling for exchanging knowledge and clarifying the image of Islam, and in view of the firm faith of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da`wa and Guidance in the importance of cooperation among religions for the purpose of combating religious extremism and clash of civilization, the ministry decided, with directives of His Eminence Sheikh Saleh Ibn Abdul-Aziz Ibn Muhammad Ibn IbrahimAl ALshaikh, to launch the knowledge Exchange Program.

Knowledge Exchange Program

Definition: a specialized cultural Islamic program which targets all those interested in religious studies, with the aim of supporting dialogue and building bridges of understanding.

Motives of the Program

  • The deliberate attempts to distort the image of Islam.
  • The increased religious extremism.
  • The need to interact with the international changes.
  • The need to combat the increased calls for clash of civilizations.


  • To Clarify the right image of Islam and its perspective for other religions and cultures.
  • To enhance the cultural communication among religious researchers for better understanding.
  • To highlight the role of Saudi Arabia in conveying the right and moderate message of Islam.
  • To give a chance for other religions and cultures to be acquainted with Islam and its culture.
  • To build bridges of understanding and cultural communication.
  • To ease the cultural tension with other religions and cultures.
  • To ease the cultural tension with other religions and cultures.

The Targeted Segments

  • Religious institutions.
  • Islamic studies departments in international universities.
  • Media institutions.
  • Religious studies and researches centers.

Program’s Instruments

  • To create a website to tell about the program, and give a general introduction to Islam and open the door for communication
  • To write and translate books and articles, which support communications and clarify the moderate image of Islam
  • To distribute the translations of the meanings of Qur`an and other Islamic books in other languages
  • To correspond and contact with those interested in religious studies
  • To hold seminars that shed light on the moderate image of Islam and its sublime message
  • To facilitate the visits between the Saudi and other researchers
  • To offer a series of media publications to the public.
  • To Hold workshops for those interested in knowledge exchange

Organizational Structure

  • His Eminence Shaikh Saleh Abd al-Aziz Al Al-shaikh, the Minister of Islamic affairs, Endowments, Da`wa and Guidance — General supervisor.
  • Dr / Abdullah Ibn Fahd Al-Lhaidan — Executive Supervisor.
  • Dr / Adel ibn Ali Alshddi — Member
  • Shaikh Abdullah ibn Saleh Al Al-shaikh — Member
  • Mr / Khalid Almoshoh — Member
  • Dr / Zeid Ad-Dkkan — Member

Advisory body

  • Dr / Khalid Abalhassan
  • Dr / Mahmoud Moneer
  • Dr / Mohammed Bn Awad Al-Harthy