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  • 05/20/2019

    The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi a festival under the title “One Nation: Cooperation on Good, Fairness and Tolerance”, on April 24 to 27, 2019, to highlight the tolerance of societies within Muslim countries.
    The aim of the festival is to highlight the various components of the cultures of the OIC member states and their diversity, to bring the organization closer to the aspirations of the simple Muslim and to promote the true image of a moderate Islam based on promoting the values ​​of tolerance and equality, rejecting extremism and terrorism and strengthening the bonds of cooperation and solidarity among the peoples of the Organization. The festival was visited by citizens and residents, and cultural events were held on the sidelines of the festival.
    In the pavilion of the Union of Islamic Countries News Agencies, images were highlighted by photographs taken by the national news agencies in: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Egypt, Kingdom of Bahrain, Indonesia, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Burkina Faso, Niger , Azerbaijan, the Kingdom of Morocco, the Kingdom of Malaysia, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Mauritania. These photographs show the role played by the governments of Islamic countries in promoting the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence not only within the nation but also throughout the world through organizing of conferences and gatherings of leaders of all religions.
    The King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Works highlighted the Kingdom’s humanitarian efforts in the world. The Center participated in an exhibition about the relief and humanitarian efforts offered by the Kingdom, video presentations, booklets, clips and documentary films about the help given to suffering countries in 44 countries. The Kingdom is a service to man regardless of he is.While the official spokesman of the Center, Dr. Samer Al-Jatili, participated in a symposium on Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian efforts.

  • 05/14/2019

    Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest supporter of relief work around the world through its humanitarian initiatives, donations and assistance to affected countries, whether due to wars or natural disasters, to embody the values ​​of humanity and extend its humanitarian role in relief without discrimination based on religion race or color.
    The assistance provided by the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Works has included 44 countries around the world, with total aid reaching more than 12 billion riyals by March 8, 2019. This is 996 projects in several areas, including shelter, food security, Water, sanitation, nutrition and community support.
    Yemen is the largest recipient of US $ 1.99 billion in aid, with 330 projects in various sectors, including education, health, water and environmental sanitation, support and coordination of humanitarian operations, food security, early recovery, shelter, non-food items, protection, etc. In 2018,The UN (OCHA) presented the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan, Saudi Arabia was the major supporter of Yemen’s humanitarian response plan for 2018, with a total of US $ 541.60 million in support of the plan, representing 20.4 per cent of the total donor support for Yemen.
    Palestine is the second largest recipient of aid from the center with a total of 352.9 million dollars, which contributed to the implementation of 78 projects, while Syria was the third largest recipient of aid after Yemen and Palestine, where the aid amounted to 267.1 million dollars.
    In spite of the challenges facing the King Salman Center, it was able in a short time of its inception in 2015 to reach a global position among the institutions and international bodies working in the field of humanitarian relief work, which confirms the leading role of the Center in the world
    Dr. Alrabiah, supervisor of the King Salman Relief Center, said that the vision of the Kingdom of 2030, through which the Center is performing its humanitarian and relief role, is based on the foundation of all the activities of the Center on the regional and international arenas within an institutional framework through which it provides humanitarian and relief support through bilateral or collective channels. The Center has worked with local and regional partners to support the most needy groups in the recipient countries in order to give them a chance to live a better life.

  • 05/08/2019

    Saudi Arabia’s King Salman released a statement on the occasion of Ramadan. (SPA)
    King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has called for a message of tolerance and moderation following the announcement on the start of the holy month of Ramadan.
    “Our country took upon itself the service of Islam and Islamic issues, and all that contributes to spreading this religion of tolerance and moderation,” the King said in his message.
    “After the world was afflicted by the ravages of extremism and terrorism, the Kingdom turned to them with all its might and determination, calling for dialogue, rejection of violence and uprooting the sources of terrorism,” he added.
    Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court confirmed that Monday would be the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.

  • 04/30/2019

    Dr. Abdullah bin Fahad Al-Lhaidan, Advisor to the Minister supervisor the Knowledge Exchange Program, accompanied by Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alem, the head of the Institute of Subjective Studies in New Delhi, India, and Dr. Ibrahim Alema, Director of Research at the Institute, visited the Research and Communication Center in Riyadh, Center Director Dr. Yehia gave a brief about the Center on Research, where they recently organized a conference of specialists in Arab studies in Asia, which was attended by more than 100 researchers from China, India, Korea, Japan and Central Asia. He expressed his pleasure to meet with Dr. Alem, who since they are keen to intensify his activities in Indiaand looking forward to holding conferences with specialists in India.
    Dr. Alem also provided an overview of the activities of the Institute of Subjective Studies and welcomed the cooperation with the Center for Research and Knowledge Communication as well as the program of knowledge exchange in holding of seminars, writing and translation in all that illustrates the image of the Kingdom in India, especially that India is one of the emerging and important countries in the world. For his part, Al-Lhaidan explained the idea and objectives of the program of exchange knowledge in clarifying the image of Islam and the moderate and moderate Islamic approach to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and fight extremism and the three parties agreed to continue communication to achieve noble goals of their mission. The meeting comes as part of the directives of His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs and Guidance, to intensify cooperation to highlight the correct image of Islam and the Kingdom

  • 04/22/2019

    Dr. Abdullah Al-Lhaidan, Advisor to the Minister in charge of the knowledge exchange program received , Rev. Lev Munksgaard, Counselor of the Copenhagen Church in Denmark, who visited the program. Dr. Al-Lhaidan gave an overview of the program and highlighted his activities to highlight Islam’s call for co-existence among followers of religions and the call to Islam with wisdom and good advice. Dr. Munksqard presented the activities of the Copenhagen Church for Interfaith Cooperation where the Church, in cooperation with Islamic societies in Denmark, organizes joint visits to secondary schools, where Each religion give illustration of their religion, as well definition of aspects of cooperation between the Church and the Islamic and Jewish societies in joint works to serve the community, last year more than 150 schools was visited. On the other hand, Al-Lhaidan gave an overview of the program’s publications to introduce the concepts of Jihad, Ethics, Life and Sharia in Islam, as well as a booklet on the status of women in Islam. It was agreed to continue communication between the two sides to achieve a better understanding among followers of religions. At the conclusion of the meeting, Al-Lhaidan presented the plaque of the program to the guest of honor and took memorial photos.

  • 04/21/2019

    Under the patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Pakistan Dr. Aref Alawi, the Fourth World Conference “Message of Islam” concluded its work in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, organized by the Association of Pakistan Scholars Council. The conference was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Da’wah and Guidance for Islamic Affairs. The guest of honor of the Conference was the Imam of the Grand Mosque, Dr. Abdullah bin Awad Al-Juhani, with the participation of scholars and thinkers from ten Islamic countries.
    The conference concluded with a number of recommendations, including: Emphasizing the importance of the role of scholars, preachers and imams of mosques and media to promote peace, tolerance and reconciliation among the peoples of the world. it urged Muslims in general and Muslim minorities, especially those living in non-Muslim countries, to interact with those countries, and warning of clashes, violence, extremism, deviation and extremism contrary to the tolerance of Islam.
    The conference also recommended the encouragement of parents, teachers, imams, preachers, scholars and the media, and asking them to focus on intensifying educational programs within Islamic societies and spreading Islamic values, ethics in the hearts and minds of young people and encouraging them to love God and His Messenger. And the need to protect them, and to strengthen the stability of society and protect young people from extremism, terrorism, corruption.
    The conference invited scholars, specialists, preachers, educators and media professionals to continue their blessed efforts to educate the Muslims, spread the moderate curriculum, and reject sectarian differences, party affiliations, violence, extremism and terrorism.
    The participants concluded their recommendations by renewing their thanks and appreciation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its leadership in Islamic and humanitarian issues and sponsorship of the two Holy Mosques and pilgrims, and spreading the tolerance of religion and effort to serve of the sciences of Quran, Sunnah and moderation.

  • 04/14/2019

    The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Da;wa and Guidance participated in the conference of ” value system and its impact on the development of dialogue and the promotion of educational guidance” organized by the International Center for Educational and Family Strategies in partnership with the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Serbia in Novi Pazar. Dr. Al-Lhaidan delivered a paper entitled “Dialogue and its impact in achieving social peace” Alhaidan begin his speech by saying that dialogue is an authentic Islamic approach, maintained by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in all stages of life And that it leads to the consolidation of co-existence and tolerance among members of society then synergy becomes possible, and a natural thing that they practice among themselves to achieve their interests and preserve their gains. Allhaidan said It is known that the entire world, especially the Arabian Peninsula, was witnessing many wars at the time of the inception of the Prophet peace be upon him and before his mission, the Arab tribes were fighting between Or with other tribes because or without reason, and Islam came to bring people out of this difficult life and transfer them to where the security and safety and tranquility, and the Prophet peace be upon him was keen to keep people away from wars and everything that leads to it, and He is also looking for peaceful and calm ways to deal with conflicts.
    Al-Hhaidan then explained the Saudi Arabia efforts to promote a culture of dialogue, saying:
    In the last two decades, the Government of Saudi Arabia has worked hard and constructively in advocating dialogue. In 2008, King Abdullah opened the World Conference on Interreligious Dialogue in Madrid, Spain. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, under the guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman and under the leadership of His Excellency Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs, worked to combat the rhetoric of extremism and hatred and called for dialogue as a method of work by the monitoring of preachers of mosques (more than fifteen thousand mosques) and referral of the rhetoric of incitement and extremism to be discussed in the monitoring committees and the appropriate penalty for violating the correct Islamic legal approach, which calls for dialogue and Humane and compassion. The Ministry has also set up Knowledge Exchange Program, which aims is to communicate with universities and academic and scientific centers and followers of other religions to clarify Islam’s call for peace and coexistence.
    The Supreme Council of Scholars has issued numerous statements on extremism, in which the Islamic approach has been shown to call upon God with wisdom and good advice.
    Also The King Salman Center for Peace Studies was established in Malaysia in 2015 and the Moderation Center for Fighting Extremist Networks was established in Riyadh in 2017.
    Allhaidan concluded his speech by explaining that extremism is one of the greatest causes of disturbing social peace., Where a small, extremist group looks at society as it has deviated from ideal values ​​and must be corrected by all means, including the use of violence. Extremism is a global phenomenon that is not limited to the Muslim world. We have recently seen what happened in New Zealand from terrorism against Muslims by non-Muslim extremists.

  • 04/02/2019

    Deputy Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da’wah and Guidance for Islamic Affairs Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Samil delivered a Friday sermon at the Mohammed Al-Ameen Mosque “Rafic Hariri” in the center of the Lebanese capital Beirut
    And he recommended virtue at the beginning of the sermon to piety God Almighty; (O you who believe, fear God and look at what you present for tomorrow and fear God that God is well aware what you do) and said: God Almighty sent his Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as a guidance and the religion of truth, o reform of the earth, but the most important reason is the unification of the Lord of the Worlds and Devotion to God, and obedience to His Messenger.
    The deputy of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs said that there is no goodness for the land and its people except that God alone is the only God and all prayers is not to anyone else, obedience and follow his messenger is not for anyone else but Him. obedience should be only according to the following his messenger way.
    Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), said : Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): (I am the riche than any diety partners any worship done in partnership with Me will not be acceptd.
    The Sharia (law of Islam) is easy God said: :” We have made you a middle nation. ” moderation in the religion is a legitimate demand, the Prophet warned against extremism in religion, he said peace be upon him: «Perish the extremists», he said three three times. narrated by Muslim.
    Dr. Abdullah Al-Samil reiterated that the duty of all is to know the grace of God upon us in this great religion by thanking this grace by sincerity and follow-up, and adhere to the approach of the Prophet peace be upon him, the method of moderation, mercy and facilitation. The people of extremism, terrorism and injustice, want to tarnish the image Islam.
    One of the greatest reasons for reforming the land is “good character”. With the Muslim and non-Muslim, The prophet , peace be upon him, said: «Nothing is placed in the balance of deeds heavier than good character, and the owner of good character to tell him the degree of fasting, and prayer».
    Dr. Al-Shamil call to reflect on how the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that “a woman entered the fire because of a kitten who she did not feed” Also the prophet said, “In every wet liver is reward.” If this is with other than the human, the Islamic law came with the respect of the human being, whatever the charity and good behavior with him.
    Al Samel stressed that strengthening the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence between peoples and humans is one of the greatest sought by the reformers, and God Almighty says in his book: “God does not forbid you about b those who did not fight you and did not take you out of your homes to be just with them and be humble to them, Allah loves justice” The reformers in the land should pay attention to these values, and promote their establishment and dissemination and engage in constructive and fruitful cooperation with international, regional and local authorities in the dissemination of these values.