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  • 07/10/2017

    The Department of Religious Studies Central University of Kashmir, orgainsed a two-day international conference on “Conservation of Environment and Role of Religion” from 5 to 6 July 2017. The conference was organised in collaboration with the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), New Delhi and sponsored by Nigeen Lake Conservation Organisation (NLCO), Srinagar,
    the department had called for papers on the main and subthemes of the conference through the university website and local media. The response was overwhelming with the department receiving more than 60 abstracts from scholars and academics from across the country and abroad. The conference was spread over sixteen sessions including the inaugural and the valedictory sessions.

    Some of the prominent participants included Leonard Swidler, Professor of Catholic Thought & Interreligious Dialogue at Temple University. He has published more than 300 articles and 75 books. Paul B. Mojzes is from Croatia (former Yugoslavia).and now a Naturalized citizen of the United States of America. He is a professor emeritus of religious studies and co-editor of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies with Leonard Swidler. Mustafa Ceric, is Grand Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia and has studied at · University of Azhar, Cairo, 1978 (B.M.) before going to · University of Chicago, for his doctorate. Puninder Singh is a doctoral student in linguistic anthropology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. His doctoral research focuses on religious language. Professor Dr. Siddharth Singh, is the Ex-Head, Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies, Faculty of Arts, Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U.), Varanasi and about more than fifty other prominent scholars and researchers from the country and abroad. The representative of Knowledge Exchange Program(KEP) Shaikh Mustafa Ceric gave the following speech:
    The Moral Crisis & Environment
    Mustafa Ceric, Ph.D.
    Grand Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia
    If you see the moon, you see the beauty of God… If you see the Sun, you see the power of God… If you seethe Mirror, you see the best Creation of God…But if you see the Nature that is polluted today, you see the worst of man’s behavior. Indeed, the humanity nowadays is in the worst moral crisis ever when we talk about the state of natural environment. This is stated in the Holy Qur’an in this way:

    ظَهَرَ الْفَسَادُ فِي الْبَرِّ وَالْبَحْرِ بِمَا كَسَبَتْ أَيْدِي النَّاسِ لِيُذِيقَهُم بَعْضَ الَّذِي عَمِلُوا لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْجِعُونَ.

    – Corruption or pollution emerged in land and in sea because of what human hands have done (to the Nature). God will make them all suffer because of what some people have done so that all people might come back to their senses (Qur’an, 30:41).
    What is moral crisis? The moral crisis is a state of mind where man is fully aware that what he is doing is wrong, but he is doing it anyway. The question of environment is a case in point where every one is aware that our Planet Earth is in danger because of our dirty hands, but we still do what we believe we shouldn’t do. This is called a Great Moral Crisis of today. As we know, the religion, al-Din, has some ethical norms for the environment. Indeed, al-Din has accorded some moral significance to all creatures, and proposed some ethical responsibilities on the part of humans, although these ethical dimensions are usually secondary, or inferior, relative to responsibilities to other humans. Al-Din has understood the Earth to have some kind of divine message, or religious value, and that humans have some religious obligations to care for its creatures. It is greed and destruction that are strongly condemned by al-Din whereas restraint and protection of the Nature are affirmed by religious morality. Unfortunately, these religious concerns for the environment faded with the rise of modern philosophy, which has cancelled the idea of a Covenant with God or any responsibility before God. Man is thought to be responsible only to himself by himself. This idea made man selfish and negligent toward the needs and rights of future generations. Modern man is concerned only about himself and his temporal well being. He is careless about his offspring. The religious attitudes toward nature have largely disappeared in modern societies. It is in the past few decades, that some religious authorities have returned to their origins to recover their pre-modern religious environmental teachings to present them as religious environmental ethics – indeed, as a new Covenant with God in building the Noah Ark…
    I believe that the first step we ought to make is to recognize that we are in a deep moral crisis about environment. This issue is not exclusive to any particular faith or nation. We are all in one boat and thus we will all be saved by the Noah Ark or none will be saved if any one of us rejects to participate in building the Noah Ark before the eyes of God for the sake of our salvation on Earth before our salvation in the Hereafter… It is time that the humanity make a New Covenant (al-Mithaq) with God which has been broken so far, namely, to preserve and conserve the Planet Earth from further deterioration, corruption, pollution and destruction… This Covenant must be sincere, honest and fulfilling…

  • 10/01/2016

    The Imam and preacher of the Grand Mosque Sheikh Dr. Khaled Al-Ghamdi explained that the attacks accusing the Muslims and the Kingdom of the two Holy Mosques of terrorism and extremism is indeed an attempt to weaken the Muslims in general.
    He said that God is the owner of virtue and grace from the beginning until the end. He is the one who motivates people’s hearts and helps them perform their duties such as Hajj. He expressed his thanks to the Almightily God and to those behind facilitating the rituals of Hajj for the pilgrims. They serve and helping them. They work on maintaining their security and safety as if they were their guardians.
    He pointed out to the established rules that precede Hajj. These rules are legitimate, they are repeated yearly, and they aim at establishing Muslims’ unity and gathering under one word and in harmony with the Islamic principals.
    Dr. Al-Ghamdi explained that the Muslims unity and the union of their word, gathering among them on one approach and on one sunnah (way) is one of the most important surviving and successful parameters from the gloomy seditions and imminent dangers for Muslims nowadays.

  • 10/01/2016

    The imam and preacher of the Prophet’s Mosque, Sheikh Abdul Bari Al-Thubaity confirmed that the continuous devotion from life contaminants and permanent cleansing of daily work are not interrupted with the end of the season because their cause is not stopped on a specific place or known time. So, the disadvantages of ominous inherited sins are followed by the abandonment betrayal. As a result those sins restrict the bestowal upon walking to God obedience and hasten to His service. Therefore, the Muslim seeks to do good deeds that would allow him pay the sins and raise the grades throughout the year for his personal purification by seeking the purity and improving it.
    And he said God has blessed us with good deeds seasons that are synonymous to their bounties. The Almighty Lord overwhelms us mercies of forgiveness. The pilgrim ends the Hajj season purified from his sin as the day he was born in. Many Muslims are forgiven the sins committed in the previous years. This is a Sunni rank reached by conciliators and the white clean page which earned its honor by preparing himself to attracts the attention of the Wise and make him seeks to preserve this Highness and the constant stay in this altitude. Those are who receive the dignity of forgiveness and the purity of Mercy and pious behavior all the time defending bad deeds by good deeds. The Almightily God says: «Indeed, good deeds do away with misdeeds».
    His eminence explained that the reason for forgiveness is the oneness of God and His seclusion in worship. Whoever has sculpted the unification word in his heart nothing but God’s love, respect, honor and sublimity will result in him. This burns all his sins even if they were like the sea foam. They can even be changed into good deeds. Sins expiate with the supply of good deeds and the piety welfare. The Almightily God says: «And whoever fears Allah – He will remove for him his misdeeds and make great for him his reward». The soul is purified from the filthy sins and the hearts get clarified from the mindlessness contaminants. Thus people are required to keep to the good deeds including kindness of ablution, purification and the glorification of performing prayer at the proper time with congregation. Abu Hurairah narrated that: Allah’s Messenger peace be upon him said: “Shall I not tell you about a deed with which Allah will expiate your sins and raise your status?” They said, “Of course, O Messenger of Allah.” The Prophet said, “Performing ablution when it is difficult, taking many steps to the mosque, and waiting for one prayer after another, for that is like guarding the frontier”. Then he enumerated the sins that can expiate saying: “Bad deeds expiate and grades raise by giving, spending and charity, and promoting virtues and preventing vice, and the honesty with God and yourself, living honestly is from expiated sins. Also the faith that is proven in a affliction place expiates the sins and raise the grades. The development of life by building and repairing in it, can expiate the sins, goodness efforts and charity to people raises the grades”.

  • 10/01/2016

    The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da`wah and Guidance Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al Al-Sheikh confirmed that if Hajj is exposed to confusion, terrorism and distraction from its reality as the Almightily God wants it to be, then this would require a firm stand and a unity against those who try to affect the pilgrimage rituals.

    He pointed out that the evidences and the consensus of the scholars confirmed that Hajj and Umrah should not be for someone else but for God. A Muslim cannot accept the Hajj under any slogans, sects or categories. The pilgrimage is for God and that is mentioned clearly in the Qur’an. Therefore, all political, sectarian or regional sectors are in the service of Hajj which is God and only God.

    Al Al-Sheikh confirmed that the Kingdom wants that Hajj must be for the sake of God only and not for sectarian slogans. It is not supporting any group against the other. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs being in a relation with scholars and activists of the Islamic world and with shariah professors as well as those who are interested in Islamic affairs is standing with the Muslim world scholars. They all join the same opinion stated in the prince Mohammed bin Nayef’s speech that it is a responsibility of the state to make it neutral from ideologies. He showed that the Ministry is in contact with the Muslim world scholars who admit the importance of the role the Kingdom plays in this respect. They highly appreciate the efforts of Kingdom and its role in the protection of the sanctities of the Islamic nation in Mecca, Medina and the holy places. In fact all the Saudi people stand together and support their leaders in achieving security and safety for the pilgrims.

    Concerning the Chechnya conference, Al Al-Sheikh confirmed that the congress itself called for its failure. The nation is laden with many concerns to face the imminent danger on Islam, and this conference came to implement a new sedition (fitna) that appeared thousands of years ago.

  • 10/01/2016

    Dr. Aihan Jaf, General Secretary of Arab-European Center of Human Rights and International Law, expressed his congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin AbdulAziz Al Saud. He, in two cable-telegrams directed to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and to the Crown Prince, said that the impressive success of Hajj season for this year was due to the outstanding and powerful efforts of the organization. And the administration represented in a good and advanced way to greet the pilgrims who come at God’s Holy Mosque as well as the adaption of ways to comfort them to perform their rituals easily and conveniently. He also praised the high potential ability of the charged departments for pilgrims’ facilities under the Department of Hajj and Pilgrims Affairs.

    The General Secretary of Arab-European Center of Human Rights and International Law added that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia mobilized all efforts to serve pilgrims through the combined efforts from the civilian and military workers. They demolished all the tendentious claims and it contributed in overcoming the circumstances and challenges that the region was facing.

    Dr. Aihan Jaf explained that these impressions represent the echoes he has from his centre’s members who performed Hajj this year from Arab and European countries. The same impression was reported in the Arab and international media. He ended wishing success to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and to his Highness the Crown Prince.

  • 09/17/2016

    In the contexts of a visit by the senior scholars and adviser of the Royal Court Sheikh Saad Al-Shathri to Japan, He met the Islamic Associations officials in Japan. The Arab Islamic Institute in Tokyo organized the meeting and it witnessed the presence of the ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Tokyo Mohammed Barrak.

    Sheikh Al-Shathri gave an opening speech in wherein he confirmed the importance of the devotion in the work for the sake of religion. He insisted on the need for cooperation and integration among workers in the Islamic affairs. He also pointed out the need for the introduction of the centrism and the moderation in ideas, actions and behaviors praising the necessity of the Muslims in Japan to adhere the morals of Islam towards non-Muslims and to respect the laws and the regulations.

    After that, the representatives of the Islamic Associations in Japan spoke and praised the role of the Kingdom towards Islam and Muslims in Japan. Some of them pointed out that the history of those efforts is related since the beginning of Islam in Japan until the present time. They |praised the materialist or moral support received by the Muslim community like as constructions, purchases and buildings of the Mosques and Islamic Centers in Japan. Of course they appraised the Saudi government for their support and leadership.

  • 09/17/2016

    under the guidance and the care of his Excellency the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da’awa and Guidance Sheikh Saleh Al Al-Sheikh is working to enhance communication and understandings between different cultures and religions. Similarly there are great efforts being made by “Knowledge Exchange” program that organizes an international symposium in cooperation with the Beijing University entitled “Interchange and the Communication between Cultures”. The symposium activities and its accompanying workshops were held at the Chinese capital Beijing, on 24-25/9/2016. The executive supervisor of the program, his Excellency Dr. Abdullah Al-Luhaidan explained that this symposium aims to clarify the true image of Islam and to correct the erroneous image about Islam in the media. It aims at showing Islam as a centrist religion that rejects violence, hatred and extremism in all its forms. It enhances the cultural communication among those interested in religious studies in the West and the whole world. This, to achieve better understanding and show the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as carrying the correct Islamic banner based on centrism and moderation

    In addition, it provides an opportunity to the people interested in other religions and cultures to familiarize themselves with Islamic culture and civilization. Moreover, it builds bridges of understanding and cultural communication between different parties. He added that the program had previously held several international symposiums in many countries in Europe, America and Asia. A number of university professors, writers, historians and journalists as well as a number of representatives from the other religions participated in the symposium.

  • 09/17/2016

    In Mecca Al Mukarrama and precisely at the “Al-Zekra Al-Khalida” hall the grand Hajj symposium was organized under the auspices of the Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Benten. The symposium comes as a step to consolidate moderation, centrism and solidarity messages between members of the Islamic nation and to extend the great Islamic role carried out by the Kingdom in spreading the Islamic values. The symposium is the biggest Muslim event in the presence of scholars and intellectuals of the Islamic world. The Media Center at the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah explained that the grand pilgrimage symposium this year, which will persist three days, entitled “The Hajj between the past and the present, developments and regulations in Hajj and its effect on achieving the objectives of grand pilgrimage” will have an impact on the constants and the variables in the jurisprudence of the Hajj. It will show the experiences of the Islamic countries in educating pilgrims and its effect on achieving the objectives of grand pilgrimage. He confirmed that the symposium will be attended by scientists and intellectuals from several Muslim countries among whom is the most prominent mufti of Saudi Arabia the head of Senior Scholars Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh and the grand mufti of Egypt Sheikh Shawki Allam as well as the general president of the Grand Mosque affairs and the Prophet’s Mosque imam and preacher of the Grand Mosque Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais. The symposium witnessed the presence of the president of the Fiqh Academy of the Republic of Sudan Dr. Essam al-Bashir, and the imam and preacher of the Grand Mosque Sheikh Dr. Saleh bin Humaid, and his eminence Dr. Abdel Fattah Mourou from Tunisia, and his excellency Dr. Abdul Razak Dajrami, director of “Wisdom” University of Nigeria, and many others Islamic world scholars in various fields of Islamic sciences. Besides, there was the participation of Sheikh Dr. Abdul Wahab abu Sulaiman.

    The Media Center at the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah pointed out that the symposium will witness the participation of Sheikh Dr. AbduLlah Al-Mutlaq who will speak about the necessity and activation of basic rules, and the necessity in Hajj. He also pointed out that the head of the cultural assembly in Mauritania Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Hafiz En-Nahoui will handle the Islamic scientific and cultural activities in the pilgrimage between the past and the present.