KEP participates in the study of the status of Arabic language
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The Knowledge Exchange Program participated in the study of the status of Arabic language in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia organized by the King Abdullah Center for Arabic Language. The seminar was moderated by Dr. Abdullah Al-Washmi, Director of the King Abdullah Center for Arabic Language. He explain that taht the study aim at finding out the effects of Arabic language through a number of standards, including education, publishing, information technology, and the provision of logistical capabilities, and then Dr. Mahmoud Al Mahmoud and Dr. Abdullah Al-Fayfi study reviewed, which included four subtopics:
-Data on the national context of the Arabic language
– -Effect of the Arabic language and creating a knowledge society
-Detailed analysis of knowledge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
. -Conclusions and recommendations
Dr. Abdullah bin Fahad Al-Lhaidan, Advisor to the Minister and supervior the exchange program, emphisize the importance of the study, especially it is the first of its kind, thanking the King Abdullah Center for their efforts in this area. He then made some observations, the most prominent of which there are other indicators of the state of the Arabic language in the Kingdom, The teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers, as well as the importance of replacing the term (revival), in which the study described the situation experienced by the Arabic language after the era of decay to the term (renewal), a term that has its legitimate roots in our Arab and Islamic heritage and the need to include recommendations to intensify the translation into the Arabic language and from it to all languages ​​to enrich knowledge in Arabic. More than thirty professors from universities and related parties participated in the panel discussion.

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