1200 scholar endorse Historic Makkah Document
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1200 Islamic scholaes from 139 countries representing 27 Islamic components of various sects h, foremost among them the Grand Muftis have endorsed a historic constitution to establish the values of coexistence among followers of religions, cultures, for All of humanity
The Muslims, in their document issued by representatives of their religious authority, have agreed that they are part of this world and its civilized interaction. They seek to connect with all its components to achieve the benefit of humanity, to promote its noble values, to build bridges of love and human harmony and to confront practices of injustice
They stressed that no one has rule on the Islamic Ummah, and speaks on its behalf in its religious matter. And this is only for its well-established scholars in gathering of assembly of this document and the blessing it has received from them. Racial discrimination or discrimination against followers of religion, race or color is rejected
The participants pointed to the principles underlying this historical document, emphasizing that human beings of different origins belong to one origin, and are equal in their humanity, rejecting racist expressions and slogans, and condemning the abhorrent acts of superiority. The difference between nations in their beliefs, cultures, should not lead to conflict rather dealing with it in the logic of reason and wisdom in a way that leads to harmony and human peace is better than arrogance and clash
The document stressed that religious and cultural diversity in human societies does not justify conflict , but rather calls for a positive civilizational partnership and active communication that makes diversity a bridge for dialogue, understanding and cooperation for the benefit of all. It stimulates competition in the service and happiness of men. They call to build a comprehensive citizenship, based on values, justice and legitimate freedoms, mutual respect and love of good for all, while respecting the multiplicity of cultures and practices, and rejecting the link between religion and the erroneous political practices of any of its associates
The participants in the Makkah Document called for civilizational dialogue as the best way to reach a proper understanding with each other, to overcome the obstacles of coexistence and to overcome the relevant problems, as well as to overcome prejudices laden with historical scandals that increased the risks of hatred and the theory Conspiracy, and the erroneous dissemination of attitudes and behavior, while emphasizing that history is in the hands of its authors, and the innocence of religions and philosophies of the risks done by its adherents and claimants
The document called for the enactment of legislation to deter hate propagators, instigators of violence, terrorism and civilizational clash, asserting that this can alleviate the causes of religious and ethnic conflict. It also condemned the attack on houses of worship, calling it a criminal act that requires firm legislative and political guarantees.
It also called for the fight against terrorism, injustice and oppression, and the refusal to exploit the capabilities of peoples and the violation of human rights, stressing that this is the duty of all, in addition all should ork to preserving the nature of the great Creator of man, the attack on the resources of nature and waste and pollution beyond the right of future generation
The document recommended not to interfere in the affairs of states, whatever its praiseworthy reasons; it is an unacceptable breach, especially the methods of political hegemony with its economic and other ambitions, and condemend the marketing of sectarian ideas, or the attempt to impose fatwas on their differnt spatial circumstances, conditions and customs

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