Al Lhaidan and a Alem visit the Center for Research and Knowledge Communication
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Dr. Abdullah bin Fahad Al-Lhaidan, Advisor to the Minister supervisor the Knowledge Exchange Program, accompanied by Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alem, the head of the Institute of Subjective Studies in New Delhi, India, and Dr. Ibrahim Alema, Director of Research at the Institute, visited the Research and Communication Center in Riyadh, Center Director Dr. Yehia gave a brief about the Center on Research, where they recently organized a conference of specialists in Arab studies in Asia, which was attended by more than 100 researchers from China, India, Korea, Japan and Central Asia. He expressed his pleasure to meet with Dr. Alem, who since they are keen to intensify his activities in Indiaand looking forward to holding conferences with specialists in India.
Dr. Alem also provided an overview of the activities of the Institute of Subjective Studies and welcomed the cooperation with the Center for Research and Knowledge Communication as well as the program of knowledge exchange in holding of seminars, writing and translation in all that illustrates the image of the Kingdom in India, especially that India is one of the emerging and important countries in the world. For his part, Al-Lhaidan explained the idea and objectives of the program of exchange knowledge in clarifying the image of Islam and the moderate and moderate Islamic approach to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and fight extremism and the three parties agreed to continue communication to achieve noble goals of their mission. The meeting comes as part of the directives of His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs and Guidance, to intensify cooperation to highlight the correct image of Islam and the Kingdom

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