Communication between the knowledge exchange and Denmark
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Dr. Abdullah Al-Lhaidan, Advisor to the Minister in charge of the knowledge exchange program received , Rev. Lev Munksgaard, Counselor of the Copenhagen Church in Denmark, who visited the program. Dr. Al-Lhaidan gave an overview of the program and highlighted his activities to highlight Islam’s call for co-existence among followers of religions and the call to Islam with wisdom and good advice. Dr. Munksqard presented the activities of the Copenhagen Church for Interfaith Cooperation where the Church, in cooperation with Islamic societies in Denmark, organizes joint visits to secondary schools, where Each religion give illustration of their religion, as well definition of aspects of cooperation between the Church and the Islamic and Jewish societies in joint works to serve the community, last year more than 150 schools was visited. On the other hand, Al-Lhaidan gave an overview of the program’s publications to introduce the concepts of Jihad, Ethics, Life and Sharia in Islam, as well as a booklet on the status of women in Islam. It was agreed to continue communication between the two sides to achieve a better understanding among followers of religions. At the conclusion of the meeting, Al-Lhaidan presented the plaque of the program to the guest of honor and took memorial photos.

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