Islamic Affairs participates in the conference of the development of dialogue and the promotion of educational guidance
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The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Da;wa and Guidance participated in the conference of ” value system and its impact on the development of dialogue and the promotion of educational guidance” organized by the International Center for Educational and Family Strategies in partnership with the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Serbia in Novi Pazar. Dr. Al-Lhaidan delivered a paper entitled “Dialogue and its impact in achieving social peace” Alhaidan begin his speech by saying that dialogue is an authentic Islamic approach, maintained by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in all stages of life And that it leads to the consolidation of co-existence and tolerance among members of society then synergy becomes possible, and a natural thing that they practice among themselves to achieve their interests and preserve their gains. Allhaidan said It is known that the entire world, especially the Arabian Peninsula, was witnessing many wars at the time of the inception of the Prophet peace be upon him and before his mission, the Arab tribes were fighting between Or with other tribes because or without reason, and Islam came to bring people out of this difficult life and transfer them to where the security and safety and tranquility, and the Prophet peace be upon him was keen to keep people away from wars and everything that leads to it, and He is also looking for peaceful and calm ways to deal with conflicts.
Al-Hhaidan then explained the Saudi Arabia efforts to promote a culture of dialogue, saying:
In the last two decades, the Government of Saudi Arabia has worked hard and constructively in advocating dialogue. In 2008, King Abdullah opened the World Conference on Interreligious Dialogue in Madrid, Spain. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, under the guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman and under the leadership of His Excellency Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs, worked to combat the rhetoric of extremism and hatred and called for dialogue as a method of work by the monitoring of preachers of mosques (more than fifteen thousand mosques) and referral of the rhetoric of incitement and extremism to be discussed in the monitoring committees and the appropriate penalty for violating the correct Islamic legal approach, which calls for dialogue and Humane and compassion. The Ministry has also set up Knowledge Exchange Program, which aims is to communicate with universities and academic and scientific centers and followers of other religions to clarify Islam’s call for peace and coexistence.
The Supreme Council of Scholars has issued numerous statements on extremism, in which the Islamic approach has been shown to call upon God with wisdom and good advice.
Also The King Salman Center for Peace Studies was established in Malaysia in 2015 and the Moderation Center for Fighting Extremist Networks was established in Riyadh in 2017.
Allhaidan concluded his speech by explaining that extremism is one of the greatest causes of disturbing social peace., Where a small, extremist group looks at society as it has deviated from ideal values ​​and must be corrected by all means, including the use of violence. Extremism is a global phenomenon that is not limited to the Muslim world. We have recently seen what happened in New Zealand from terrorism against Muslims by non-Muslim extremists.

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