Total rejection of openness is played by groups seeking to control the religious scene
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The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da’wah and Guidance, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Latif bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, said that the total rejection of the shift in Saudi Arabia to moderate Islam, is because of the root of the culture of unilateralism among the rejectionists.
In his interview with Sputnik, he said that digging into a culture of exclusion led some to reject the studied cultural transformation in Saudi Arabia, and that in their way of winning full control over the religious and cultural scene, or perhaps because of partisan intellectual interests aimed at diverting the attention of the community, towards them, and employing them for those partisan purposes.
And about the cultural openness in Saudi Arabia and its influence on the religious commitment known to Saudi Arabia .. he said:
We are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stand on a fixed rock, do not roll in a single line from the teachings of the Sharia tolerance, since the foundation of this blessed country by the founder King Abdul Aziz, may God bless him, and it draws from its pure net, straight on the right path, away from exaggeration and profanity, excessiveness and negligence, terror and intimidation, extremism with all its tools, forms, groups, trends and organizations. , But on the contrary, openness shows the virtues of the Sharia that it does not prevent the acceptance of other cultures that we benefit from them. This is a matter of the necessity of progress and advancement, and it is not opposed to Sharia. Rather, it shows the virtues of the Shari’a which are the most important of all. Do not prevent acceptance When we changed the cultures to the better.
If we do not open up to others, we will walk and remain behind them. This is a social and mental mistake. Nations are still benefiting from each other. The truth is that the cultures of nations are the result of experience. We Muslims must define what is permissible for us and what is forbidden.
The leadership of this country always senses this and makes it into its own eyes, and we see our sons and daughters who studied abroad have returned to it with the cultures they have received and transferred, having removed from them what is contrary to our constants and take away our identity.
And what we see from the absence of cultural openness, reminds us of what the fundamentalists are trying to spread among us, in the name of the intellectual invasion, where they see every progress intellectual invasion, to keep the Muslim countries lagging behind so that political Islam control them and turn them according to their frozen minds, and some of them have partisan goals and want to invade the Kingdom and shake Its leading position in the Islamic world.
Yes, we do not deny that there is an intellectual invasion, some try to eliminate our religion and our people and our identity, but we are not fools to accept every culture, and our government is not unaware to this, but it senses, and resist, and put alternative plans,but not all other values are forbidden to move it to our society, exaggeration is not permissible, because it prevents the nation from reaching good and makes it backward.

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