KEP Supervisor visit the Language Exchange Forum
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Dr. Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Lheedan, Advisor and Supervisor of the Knowledge Exchange Program at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Guidance, visited the Language Exchange Forum in Riyadh and was received by Mr. Mohammad Al-Mautham, supervisor of the forum. Al-Mu’atham provided an overview of the language exchange program, which main idea is to meet those who wish to learn any language with volunteers who master the language and to set up a group for each language so that members of the group can communicate in order to develop their skills in the language they wish to learn. Al-Lheedan toured the forum, which included tables to learn Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Italian, Hebrew, German and other languages. At the end of the meeting, Al-Lheedan expressed his pleasure at this forum and the readiness of the exchange program to cooperate with them in spreading cultural exchange and presenting the correct image of Islam and the Kingdom.

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