Some claim to be callers for Allah but in reality are enemies and abuse has no place in our Ministry
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The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da’wah and Guidance, Dr. Abdul Latif bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, praised the great care given by the government to the Islamic Affairs Ministry to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, including their support to the cooperative offices and their mission and lofty goals in spreading moderate Islam in Saudi Arabia. , And pointed out that had it not for God Almighty and that this country enjoy security and stability and its leaders support the good and advocacy, the cooperative offices would not have a place, no presence .
This came during a speech delivered at the closing of the meeting of the cooperative offices “fortification and development” in the conference hall Intercontinental Hotel in Riyadh, where he explained what the cooperative offices must do, he said: “In this sense we must do this The cooperative offices in accordance with the satisfaction of God Almighty and the interests of this country, through the rejection of the owners of distorted ideas and the owners of bad orientations and owners of quarrels ; to ensure with the help of God that these offices complement the task of calling to God Almighty through the good curriculum corresponding to the book and the prophet Sunna..
The minister stressed that there is no survival for us unless we turn around our leadership and our good and honest scholars, who are known for their righteousness, honesty, and honesty in the advice e. They are known by God’s grace, but unfortunately some call for extremism and hatred.
He urged the employees of the ministry, including the staff of the cooperative offices, to master the work and call for Islam away from any intellectual slack or systematic extremism. He said: “he moderate will receive support and help.there is no a place for the extremist and haterd, and stressed the need for solidarity and cohesion until we save the homeland thanks to God from the evil of the wicked and the owners of innovations and delusions and the evil people of the Brotherhood and Kharij and those who walked in their passages.

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