European conference to confront discrimination against Muslims
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In Brussels, the European Commission hosted a high-level conference to address discrimination, hate speech and intolerance that affects Muslims in the European Union, with the participation of national authorities, international organizations, representatives of civil society and religious communities.
“Recent surveys have confirmed that intolerance towards Muslims is growing in the European Union and that the protection of their fundamental rights is being curtailed,” said First Vice-President of the Commission, Francis Timmermans. “There must be no place to discriminate against any minority.
“Discrimination, acts of intolerance or racism against the 25 million Muslims living in the European Union violate basic rights and feed marginalization and isolation,” said Commissioner Vera Jurava, a justice official.
“The EU needs to fight this discrimination against Muslims because it makes society more vulnerable and fragile,” Jurava said.
On the sidelines of the conference, the European Commission for Basic Rights presented a new database providing an overview of hate crimes and the hate speech and discrimination against Muslims in the European Union from 2012 to 2017.

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