Saudi Islamic Ministry takes part in G-20 Interfaith Forum
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The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance, represented by the Knowledge Exchange Program, took part in the Interfaith Forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The fifth annual event in a series of G-20 Interfaith Forums was organized under the theme of “Building Consensus for Fair and Sustainable Development: Religious Contributions for a Dignified Future.”
Dr. Abdullah Al-Luhaidan, adviser to the minister of Islamic affairs and supervisor of the program, said: “The Council of Senior Scholars in the Kingdom stressed that Islam casts off violence, extremism, terrorism, and hate speech, and calls for tolerance, compassion, and coexistence between people of different religions.”
Moreover, he pointed out that the ministry has developed the knowledge exchange program with the aim of communicating with universities, academic and scientific centers and followers of other religions, to introduce them to the true message of Islam, which is promoting peace and coexistence.
“The relationship existing between the religious and institutions in the Kingdom is a model of a relation based on cooperation toward finding Islamic solutions to the problems of this age,” he said.

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