Dr Ceric Partcipated in Hajj Coference
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Dr Mustafa Ceric member of KEP participated in MAJOR HAJJ CONFERENCE taking place in Makkaha, on  Zu-l-hijjah 4-5, 1439/August 15-16, 2018) under the THEME:


Dr Ceric presnted a paper

“AL- ḤAJJ –  THE UNITY OF HEARTS” in which he said it is a great honour for me to stand here in this city of which Allah Almighty has said: – I swear by this city (of Mecca) you are free in this city! (And I swear by) the father and by the one who was born (of him) that (you should know) that We have created man to be working hard. (al-Balad, 1:4).


Is there a greater honour than this honour to stand in this city where the father was born, where the mother was born, and where her son was born to be sent by his Lord “as a witness, as a bearer of good tidings and as a warner of bad tidings, calling unto God by His leave, and as a light-giving lamp”, (al-Aḥzāb, 45-46); but also “Allah has sent him as His Prophet with a guidance and the faith of truth to unveil it over all religions despite the hatred of idolators, (al-Tawbah, 33); indeed, Allah Almighty has sent him as “a mercy to all the worlds”. (al-Anbiyāʼ, 108); yes, indeed, Allah Almighty has revealed to his Messenger the fact that “this Ummah is One Ummah and that I am your Lord so worship Me only” (al-Muʼminūn, 52).


Is there a greater generosity than this generosity to sit at this hospitable table under the honourable auspices and sovereignty of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques the King Salman bin Abdu-l-Aziz Al Saud – may  Allah protect him –  who is known in Bosnia to be always in the service of the Tow Holy Mosques and in the service of those who are visiting these holy place. We are familiar with the fact that the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques work hard for the unity among the Muslims all over the world from the East to the West and from the North to the South.

Dr Ceric added There is no doubt, the word of Allah’s Oneness (“كلمة التوحيد”) “There is no god but Allah” (لا إله إلاّ الله” ”) is the basic of our primordial true faith that leads us to a salvation and the Unification of Word (“توحيد الكلمة”) “Hold fact altogether to the Rope of Allah and do not depart from each other”, (Āl Imrān, 103),  is a basic precondition for the continuity and stability of our perpetual strength, honour and sovereignty as Muslims. This is exactly what we have been told by Allah Almighty: – O People who Believe! Be aware of Allah in the true manner He deserves to be on your mind, and do not die except as Muslims”, (Āl Imrān, 102), and the prerequisite for this is your holding fast together to the Rope of Allah without exception and your avoidance of a departure from each other without hesitation.

He concluded his speech saying  the conclusion is that when the row (“ṣaff”) of Muslims becomes strong and straight as it is at the time of Arafāt, as it is during al-ifāah around the Kaʿbah in Mecca, and as it is at the alāat al-Masjid al-arām, then the the Ummah will be victorious everywhere. Then, its voice will be heard and its peace and safety will be guaranteed all the time and everywhere.  This is the message from this Major Ḥajj Conference in Mecca under the honourable auspices and sovereignty of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques the King Salman bin Abdu-l-Aziz Al Saud – may  Allah protect him – and this is a call to all Muslims around the world to keep in their hearts and their minds the word of tawīd, i.e., the Oneness of Allah and the tawīd of the word, i.e., the unity of the purpose of the One Ummah that is devoted to the worship of One God. By doing so, the Ummah will prosper and will reach out its noble goal of worshiping One God and keeping its peace and security everywhere, Allah willing.




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