The revival of coalition values against sectarianism
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Participants at the Education Forum called for the promotion of moderation , which concluded yesterday, urged to continue to organize regional seminars within and outside the Islamic world on promoting education on moderation among imams, religious guides and preachers.
They recommended working on the preparation and publication of studies and research based on the central approach in the fields of education, culture, thought and other forms of Islamic discourse and translated into live languages.
The participants in the meeting held by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) at its headquarters in Rabat during the period from 18 to 20 July 2018, emphasize the importance of organizing global forums for dialogue between different trends and cultures with the participation of a group of intellectuals and experts to introduce the culture of the moderation of Islam. They also called for the rehabilitation of the ancient scientific institutions that graduated scholars and religious authorities (preachers, imams, guides …) by developing them and reviewing their curricula and their relevance to the times.
The revival of the jurisprudence of the coalition as an input to promote the values ​​of moderation at a time when the projects of fragmentation and sectarian religious and ethnic groups are more threatening to the entity of the nation
And to review the approach to dealing with our jurisprudential and scientific heritage; and to consolidate and the principle of citizenship as a constitutional principle that reflects the depth of the values of moderation in organizing the relationship of Muslims with others. They also considered the protection of the homeland as a legitimate destination and a realistic necessity, such as the protection of religions to prevent the chaos that could erupt in the Islamic world because of the fall of countries and national entities, and to address the problem of shaking the idea of citizenship and the unrealistic ideas of the mechanisms of the unification of Muslims.

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