Third Issue of KEP Magazine
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KEP has published the third issue of KEP Magazine. This issue of the Magazine main subject is: Islamic Ethics and Peaceful Coexistence. The issue include many articles the first is: Law, Ethics And Peaceful Coexistence In Islam by Dr. Abdullah bin Fahad Al-Lheedan Advisor to the Minister and Supervisor of the program. The second is: Peaceful coexistence from the perspective of Islamic faith by: Prof. Adel Bin Ali Al-Shadi
Advisor in the knowledge exchange Program.

The third article is: The stages of Islamic studies in Western universities By Dr. Mazen Mutbakani.The issue include another essay by: Dr. Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Zahrani Chief Executive Officer of the Institutional Transformation Unit ” Digital Transformation And E-Government”. Finally the issue has a section for reports about KEP main activities during the last six months.

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