Japanese students are impressed with the kingdom
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The Knowledge Exchange Program will be hosted by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in cooperation with the Arabic Language Institute at King Abdul Aziz University in the State of Japan, which will include a number of students at an intensive Arabic language course from 12 October to 21 December 2017.

The delegation is divided into two divisions, one for the junior level (A1) and the other for the intermediate level (B1) according to the European language learning framework. The program offers students four language skills (160) hours in six weeks.
The program also included a number of cultural, social and recreational activities, including a visit to the historic area of Jeddah, the beaches, parks, markets and museums, and the desert where the delegation was acquainted with photos of the life of the desert, as well as a visit to the Shifa region in Taief. The institute also organized a visit to the two Holy Mosques for Muslim students.

The programs and activities included a tour of the two parts of the university and its facilities, and several social visits hosted by the staff of the Institute. The students expressed their pleasure in participating in the course and their great benefit, in addition to their knowledge of the Arab and Islamic culture. Students also expressed their admiration for Saudi hospitality and hospitality.





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