The Conclusion of Peaceful Coexistence Conference
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The participants in the symposium “The Ethical Approach to Peaceful Coexistence” expressed their appreciation for the prominent role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in sponsoring projects to fight extremism and spread moderation through the institutions and bodies it established.
In a statement issued at the end of the two-day sposered by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, in collaboration with the University of Wales in Wales, UK, they stressed the importance of the role of Islam and other religions in the positive construction of the ethics of peaceful coexistence. And encourage knowledge exchange among followers of religions and cultures as the best way to achieve understanding and coexistence among peoples.
And called for the establishment of specialized workshops organized by the Knowledge Exchange Program about cocepts such as Mercy, Justice, stressing the importance of the seminar as the beginning of a long and ongoing relationship between the program and the University of Wales and the Council of Muslims of Wales; to achieve common goals and promote dialogue and exchange of knowledge between Islam and the West.
They stressed the need to build scientific content on religions, especially the ethical foundations agreed upon by humanity and not to offend the religious and historical symbols of religions and cultures, stressing the importance of the strong relationship between language and culture and the importance of teaching languages ​​to convey and promote knowledge exchange.
The participants called for the continuation of the KEP programs in the follow-up of the series of seminars, suggesting that the next symposium be on “Human relations in religious texts”.
Finally, they thanked the Ministry of Islamic Affairs for sponsoring the symposium, the Knowledge Exchange Program, the University of Wales and the Council of the Muslims of Wales for organizing them.
At the end of the closing ceremony of the symposium, souvenirs were exchanged on this occasion.

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