KEP organized a conference on peaceful coexistence in cooperation with the University of Wales
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The Knowledge Exchange Program of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs organized a seminar entitled “Moral Approach to Peaceful Coexistence” on Tuesday and Wednesday 5-6 December 2017 at the University of Wales in the United Kingdom.
Dr. Abdullah Al-Lheedan, Advisor to the Minister of Islamic Affairs and supervisor of the program of knowledge exchange said: The discussion of the symposium centered on: (Morality and coexistence : Theoretical determination, the role of knowledge exchange in promoting peaceful coexistence and religious coexistence. Islam and The West: challenges and opportunities for peaceful coexistence).
The most prominent speakers at the symposium were Michael Okton of the University of Wales, Mustafa Seric, former Mufti of Bosnia, Dr. Adel Al-Shadi Professor of Islamic studies of King Saud University in Riyadh, Dr. Angus Slater of the University of Wales, Cartieron Robertson of the Muslim-Christian Dialogue Forum,and Yasser Ba Btain From King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah.
Dr. Al Lheedan said: Knowledge communication is one of the most important pillars of the definition of civilizations and countries. It leads to communication and building bridges with individuals, groups and institutions, popular and civil and international universities.
He added that the Kingdom enjoys great weight and prestige at all regional and international levels because it is the most important forces of moderation in the region, its economic strength and moderate policies, and the fact that it is the country of the two Holy Mosques and the heart of Muslims. All these factors make the Kingdom the focus of the Islamic world after God, In addressing Islamic and international issues.

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