KEP participate in the Future of religious Tolerance in Islam symposium
KEP participate in the Future of religious Tolerance in Islam symposium
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Dr. Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Lhaidan, Advisor to the Minister supervisor of the Knowledge Exchange Program, participated in a symposium on the future of religious tolerance in Islam organized by the Interfaith Dialogue Center in Kansas City, Missouri, in which David Nelson ,Vern Barnet and Dr. Ahmad Elsherif of the United States participated. David Nelson started the meeting by talking the crises Which passes through the world because of religious intolerance and The beginning of the full knowledge of most Americans begins with the events of September 11, 2001, explaining that we have to play important roles to achieve coexistence giving example of  the city of Kansas where the followers of different faiths live in peace. Perhaps Dr. Al-Lhaidan from Saudi Arabia tells us about tolerance in Islam. “Dr. Vern Barnet talked about the idea that  The essence of Christianity and Islam call for peace, but there have been religious interpretations that have led to extremism and violence,” he said, adding that even in the history of Christianity there were periods of intolerance. He distanced himself from periods of intolerance in Christianity, such as during the Crusades, but said the West had moved and criticized intolerance and reviewed the history of reformers in the West and now Islam should do something similar. For his part, Dr. Ahmed al-Sharif said that Islam does not force anyone to enter it, citing the Almighty saying (no compulsion in religion) and then the judgment on the Day of Resurrection to God the Lord of the Worlds . he illustrate life in a general is like a road in which all types of cars  and nevertheless they are running  without collision and this is what is required to us we live together in this life and what we disagreed in God will rule on the Day of Resurrection and  Dr. Ahmed Al-Sharif, saluted King Salman and the Crown Prince, and the steps  carried out by them to take the Kingdom  to catch up with civilization while preserving its Islamic religion.

Dr. Al-Lhaidan explained that tolerance is characteristic of Islam as distinguished by a number of orientalists, most notably Thomas Arnold, the British orientalist and author of the book” Preaching of Islam”. Arnold explained that one of the most important reasons for the spread of Islam is the tolerance practiced by Muslims when they did not force anyone to abandon their religion in addition to the fact that Muslims practice their religion sincerely which attract non Muslams to Islam.

In the modern era, scholars and thinkers of Islam accepted the Western civilization at the beginning and throughout the nineteenth century as a civilization of tolerance, science and humanity. What has happened since the end of the 19th century? He replied that the invasion of the European powers to the Islamic countries and colonization and humiliation and then after the beginning of the twentieth century fell Caliphate and in the middle of the century was the occupation of Palestine so some of the intellectuals of Islam started viewing Western civilization as a civilization of injustice and oppression and lost the positive aspects of Western civilization  amid these negatives and began a phase of closure and protection of identity at Muslims.

Then, in the 1980s , the intellectuals of Islam began to feel confident and there was no fear of loss of Islamic identity and  with the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, They began to demand openness to Western civilization and to benefit from its positives and cooperation with it, but we also witness the rise of extremism by the beginning of the 21st century, extremists resorted to terrorism and violence to sabotage the stage of openness and I think extremists have had  the support of some international political circles for mysterious  objectives  which has not been fully revealed so far.

Dr. Alhaidan concluded by saying that the scholars of Islam, the Islamic thinkers and governments call for tolerance and cooperation and all Islamic countries fight extremism and organize conferences and seminars to reject terrorism. For example, the Kingdom’s government, led by King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and The Islamic organizations in the Kingdom have exerted great efforts, foremost among them the efforts of the senior scholars who have prohibited terrorism and violence against other religions and the importance of protecting them and giving them their rights. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs showed a great effort to retrain more than 100000 Imams to fight extremism and started the Knowledge Exchange Program to call for peace and coexistence. However the success of Islamic countries in these efforts also depends on the cooperation of the international community to defeat evil and terrorism and stop some countries from supporting terrorism to achieve Mysterious goals. At the conclusion of the seminar, Dr. Al-Lhaidan thanked the organizers and the express readiness of the Exchange Program to participate in any sincere effort to reach the truth and cooperate in righteousness and piety.

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