National Center of Excellence: Australia
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About the Center

The National Center of Excellence aims to advance the knowledge and understanding of the rich traditions and modern complexities of Islam, and to profile Australia’s strengths in the field of Islamic studies. The Center will also assist in developing a national and regional response to needs in research, teaching and community engagement.The Center was established in 2007 with funding from the Australian Government.

Three Universities

The National Center of Excellence for Islamic Studies will provide access to academic expertise at the University of Melbourne, GriffithUniversity and the University of Western Sydney.

The University of Melbourne has taught Arabic and Islamic studies for more than four decades. Research is conducted through the Asia Institute and the Center for Islamic Law and Society in areas such as modern Islamic thought, philosophy, literature, gender and law.

The Griffith University Islamic Research Unit, established with substantial funding from the Queensland Muslim community, has developed a strong relationship and reputation with Australian government agencies and the Muslim community.

The University of Western Sydney also has a substantial program of studies in Arabic at undergraduate and postgraduate level and research expertise in Arabic language, interpreting and translation, sociological and cultural studies.

Internationally Recognized Staff

Our staff is committed teachers and scholars who are internationally renowned for their research in Islamic and Arabic studies, politics, anthropology, economics, linguistics, history, religion and society.

Our academic staff is also widely published and is regularly awarded significant research grants by national and international agencies. Many also hold joint appointments in a range of academic departments including medicine, political science, history and law.

Community Engagement

The National Center of Excellence is based at the University of Melbourne and is headed by the Center Director, Professor Abdullah Said.

The Center is advised on community needs by a National Consultative Committee comprising representatives of the Muslim community in Australia, academic staff from the Center and an Australian Government representative. The Center is keen to establish a register of interested community members and would be happy to receive your feedback and comments.

State-based consultative committees also represent the Muslim community in each State and provide a forum for matters of importance to local communities.

Leading Degrees

Specialist degrees available at undergraduate and postgraduate level include:

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Islamic Studies major Melbourne, Griffith, UWS

BA Honours (Islamic Studies) Melbourne, Griffith, UWS

Graduate Diploma in Arts (Islamic Studies) Melbourne

Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Islamic Studies) Melbourne

Master of Islamic Studies (Coursework/Minor Thesis) Melbourne

Master of Arts (Islamic Studies) by Research (MA) Melbourne, Griffith, UWS

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Melbourne, Griffith, UWS


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