Center For Islamic Contemporary Studies And Dialogue Of Civilizations
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Center’s Objectives

1-Show the glory of Islam in its dealing with new issues.
2-Identify Islamic systems and their characteristics.
3-Identify human rights issues in Islam.
4-Deal with youth issues and their problems.
5-Deal and emphasize women issues and their rights in Islam.
6-Clarify Islam’s position towards terrorism.
7-Clarify kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s position towards global temporary issues.
8-Be attentive to new issues of the Islamic world.
9-Implement and promote the culture of dialogue.
10-Identify contemporary civilizations and implement agreements of continuity of dialogue among the Islamic civilization and other civilizations.

Working Methodology

1-Organize international conferences and seminars that specialize in promoting the center’s interests.
2-Translate and publish specialized books and studies.
3-Develop a data base for Islamic advice on contemporary issues.
4-Create a data base of special groups with people interested in research all over the world.
5-Issue journals that promote the center’s activities.
6-Develop and issue special scientific leaflets that are relevant to the interest fields of the center.
7-Use the latest technologies and telecommunication resources in the exchange of information.
8-Coordinate and cooperate with other centers and institutes in matters related to the center.


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