International Center for Researches and Studies
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International Center for Researches and Studies


The Vision

Towards Enabling the Charitable and Philanthropy Business


We area research center working to supporting and strengthening the structure of the charitable business within the international scope that takes place through addressing strategic and applied studies on scientific & professional basis depending after the almighty Allah on the documented information and the experts from anywhere.

General Purposes of the Center:

• Studying the reality of the charitable business and outlook its future.
• Authentication the concepts of the charitable business.
• Studying and analyzing the variables of the charitable business.
• Studying the philanthropic/charitable needs and activities.
• Place a corporate vision and interpret it into a charitable business chart and define the business priorities thereto.
• Shrinking the gaps or ambivalence within the efforts of the entities, organizations and individuals in the execution of the charitable/philanthropic programs.
• Offer charitable products that may included with their implementation plans.
• Developing the charitable/philanthropic organizations by the universality concept.


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