Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation
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International Islamic Forum for Youth
International Islamic Council for Daw’a and Relife (IICDR) is a coordinate foundation , which includes more than one hundred Islamic NGO’s and GO’s all over the world , headquarters is in Cairo – Egypt. Presidency Staff Council consists of H.E Sheikh AL Azhar – President , H.E. Marshal AbdelRahman Sowar AL Dahap – Vice President, H.E.AL Sheikh Yousf AL Hegy – Vice President, H.E.Dr.Abdulah Salih AL Obeid , Vice President, H.E.Prof. Kamel AL Sharif, Secretary General , and Excellencies Presidents of Specialized Committee in the council among of them Dr.Abdullah Nasif (IICI) Mr.Abdulmalik AL Hamar, (IICHR) Dr.S.Abdien (IICW&CH) Hamid A. AL-Rifaie , President of (IIFD).
Goals of the Council: guiding the Islamic work and its activities, organizing the efforts of the Islamic Omah (nation) to be in service of the fair Islamic issues, and developing Islamic act to be on level of mission of the Islamic civilization which calls on ; assuring unity of the human family , achieving the acquaintance among people, and activating the divine values to achieve human dignity, security and justic in the earth according to will of ALmighty ALLAH.

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