Islam is a message of peace and moderation
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Senior Islamic personalities of the Muslim World League participating at “The International Organization for Muslim Scholars”  held the conference “Islam is a message of peace and moderation” in the context of what they are doing and performing from the Islamic actions related to the word of truth,  glorifying its responsibility during their ihram days, in their holy month, and the holy place.

The general secretary of the Muslim World League, chairman of “The International Organization for Muslim Scholars” department, and vice president of its general conference Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Eyssa started his opening word at the conference with a speech that talked about the importance of promoting the causes of the Islamic convergence and brotherhood, and the translation of the global and peaceful message of Islam in its central edges and its moderate methodology, upon all our behavior being individuals as well as institutions, pointing out that the obligation of Hajj carries in its warning forefront contents many lessons about the importance of the agreement and the unity, under the only one slogan, name and description that is “Islam”. With the division and the blameworthy disagreement renunciation, and with exceeding tightly logos, concepts, names and descriptions, that divide and does not gather, takes away and does not unite, and that the nation immunity strengthens with its bond consolidation, and that the Islamic scholars have to wary about classification and exclusion risk. After discussing the presented interventions, the participants concluded to pay tribute regarding outstanding services provided to the pilgrims of God’s Holy Mosque. The conferees confirmed that the message of Islam is a universal message that calls for peace, coexistence and humanitarian cooperation with everyone, and that carries in its folds tolerance, central and moderation meanings, followed by great meanings, as the Almighty Creator honored the sons of Adam, and His mercy regarding them, as Islamic legislation in its humanitarian aims urged to kindness for each human or animal. The Islamic history did not record any gathering regarding Muslims exclusion from their sunnah and their community as was conformed from the participants like what it use to content in the Muslim World League speech in the reception party held at the Royal Palace in Mina this year 1437h, from which the concepts of Islam warned from any other logo, name or description except Islam. When we define the Islamic Sunnah,  Muslims, people in the communities, or affiliations or specific schools, indeed we usurped the Universal Islam, the Hatcher Islam, the capacity , sprawl and history, in limited concepts, and narrow ideas, opens to the religion a loophole that sneaks from it interests and passions. The path to their Islamic association it is awaking of Muslim’s minds and its social mobilization regarding free, independent and conscious thoughts along the lines of the Qur’an and Sunnah. The attendees warned for any agglomeration that can deviate the Muslims from the banner, to differentiate their word and penetrate their side, and that is contrary to their message in its peaceful and moderated contest, pointing out that the history of Islam did not record any grouping to exclude any of them from their sunnah or their community, and that attraction from such pitfalls may represent a serious precedent on Islam and its people. The extremism spark in non believers speech want Islamic classification, the updating of serious supplies is needed, and that “The wisdom of Islam” and its scholars entrenched. Its preachers and intellectuals awareness, it is above this and warned from its consequences.

The statement added that who was rumoring about them, that they kept away schools and Islamic knowledge doctrines from the circle of Islamic Sunnah and the Muslims, they are who celebrated, in the past and in the present, with pioneers of those schools and ideologies in their respective academic institutions, to contribute in its Islamic Sheriah curriculum education, and to discuss its knowledge, and to exit from this broad horizon is merely limited to individuals or institutions calculated on itself exclusively, gets from it just like gets from others.

The participants warned the danger of hate and incitement speech, and that the Muslim is the happier  for the well-being among people, and that his calling to Islam is going along the generous lines from the words of the Almighty God: « So by mercy from Allah, [O Muhammad], you were lenient with them. And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you », and He says: « Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction », and He says: « Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly », and Prophet’s, peace be upon him, said: ” Make things easy and do not make them difficult, cheer the people up by conveying glad tidings to them and do not repulse (them) “, and his saying, peace be upon him: “ You (people) cannot satisfy people with your wealth, but satisfy them with your cheerful faces and good morals ”. The Islam is not spread through the worlds except by justice and kindness, kind word, good example, mind emancipation, and hearts harmony.

The statement pointed out that the people of knowledge and faith, they understand more and take under consideration the Almighty God’s path (sunnah) in His creation, while the difference, diversity and plurality with their faith in the necessity of coexist with everyone, which does not narrow enough this universal Sunnah only who become less knowledgeable and strayed his understanding.

The participants emphasized that terrorism has no religion or homeland, and grows its relation through schools and all Islamic people approach, on its diversity and plurality by its commendable approval and violation. This is a corrupted sect pardoned by the others as an extension of its predecessor’s methodology.

The Conference commended the fair voices of non-Muslims which confirmed that terrorism is a criminal tendency unrelated to religion nor homeland, and that Islam is innocent of it, and that extremism is an opposed context, comes from some affiliated people who call themselves as religious people, nothing in particular, as issued in this sense, from the Vatican fair comment authority regarding the recent terrorist events background in some European countries.

The participants pointed out the importance that the preachers must be vigilant from the inflammation of hasty feelings, and to treat emerging issues, events by knowledge and wisdom not by ignorance and wheel, and this must governed by the jurisprudence, budgets, and consider consequences, and this is for those who God crowned them not for the others except them.

The congress noted at the International Alliance to fight the extremism and terrorism hotbeds and by the effective Islamic contribute in it from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the Muslim world authority, and focusing its leadership and its sanctities foster “service and care”; and to interpret in its contents that the war is against terror not against someone else , and it’s an obligation to stand against it in every way to reach its voracious payment. The participants expressed their full support for the statement issued by the “Muslim World League” and “The International Organization for Muslim Scholars” expressing deep concern for the issuance of the United States congress legislated with the name “Justice law against shepherds of terrorism” with the obvious contravention to the charter of the United Nations and principles of the international law; describing this legislation contrary to the international relations foundations based on the sovereign equality principles, and the state immunity, and the mutual respect, and not to impose domestic laws of any State to the other State, and that the issuance of such a law would threaten the stability of the international system.


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