The Pilgrimage Safety and Unity is Secured under the Kingdom’s Moderate Islamic Methodology
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The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da`wah and Guidance Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al Al-Sheikh confirmed that if Hajj is exposed to confusion, terrorism and distraction from its reality as the Almightily God wants it to be, then this would require a firm stand and a unity against those who try to affect the pilgrimage rituals.

He pointed out that the evidences and the consensus of the scholars confirmed that Hajj and Umrah should not be for someone else but for God. A Muslim cannot accept the Hajj under any slogans, sects or categories. The pilgrimage is for God and that is mentioned clearly in the Qur’an. Therefore, all political, sectarian or regional sectors are in the service of Hajj which is God and only God.

Al Al-Sheikh confirmed that the Kingdom wants that Hajj must be for the sake of God only and not for sectarian slogans. It is not supporting any group against the other. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs being in a relation with scholars and activists of the Islamic world and with shariah professors as well as those who are interested in Islamic affairs is standing with the Muslim world scholars. They all join the same opinion stated in the prince Mohammed bin Nayef’s speech that it is a responsibility of the state to make it neutral from ideologies. He showed that the Ministry is in contact with the Muslim world scholars who admit the importance of the role the Kingdom plays in this respect. They highly appreciate the efforts of Kingdom and its role in the protection of the sanctities of the Islamic nation in Mecca, Medina and the holy places. In fact all the Saudi people stand together and support their leaders in achieving security and safety for the pilgrims.

Concerning the Chechnya conference, Al Al-Sheikh confirmed that the congress itself called for its failure. The nation is laden with many concerns to face the imminent danger on Islam, and this conference came to implement a new sedition (fitna) that appeared thousands of years ago.

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