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Modern government has defined the term terrorism as the use of violence by individuals or groups to achieve political targets.
The most common way of terrorism is targeting innocent civilians. Although its misnomer, the modern world use the term Muslim terrorist to describe Islam as a terrorist religion.
However, the values of Qur’an hold the Muslim responsible for treating all people, Muslims and non-Muslims, justly and kindly. Moreover, the Qur’an goes beyond that; killing a person is one of the most obvious examples of mischief. God says: “on that account We prescribed for the seeds of Israel that whoever kills a self-other than for (killing another) self or for corruption in the earth-then it will be as if he had killed mankind altogether; and whoever gives life to it, then it will be as if he had given life to mankind altogether.” (Al-ma`idah)(5-32)
When IRA bombers struck, although the fight between Catholic and Protestant in Northern Ireland, they were not labeled as Catholic terrorist. From an Islamic perspective, Islam rejects all forms of violence, except in self-defense. However it goes beyond that by putting strict rules on how war, if took place, may be conducted. So there is no surprise when we see Islam prohibits killing innocent women, children and old people.

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