Peace in Islam
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First of all, we have two questions in need to be answered. Is Islam a religion of peace or war? Is the sword its way to spread, or are there many ways based on persuasion and love?
These two questions carry the same meaning, is Islam a religion of peace or war?
Peace and Islam are derived from one word; peace (assalaam). And it is one of the attributes of God (the Almighty).
Muslims try to come closer to God – by calling him with this name – in praying and supplication, and they name their children with it (Abdel Salaam; the worshipper of Assalaam God).
And it is the word by which we end our prayers and return back into our daily life.
If peace is the most important thing for all human beings on earth, peace has a very great value in the life after.
God (the Almighty) named heaven as the house of peace Dar Assalaam.
Moreover, God and the Angels’ greetings to the inhabitants of heaven are with peace; assalaam.
So, the question is if Islam is against war, so why did Prophet Muhammad fight?
To answer to this question we can say that Islam is for sure against war, but when war imposes itself upon you and there is no way out of it, you will have to eliminate evil and tyrannical forces.
Islam didn’t spread by the sword.
Muslims faced many battles with the existing world powers of Rome and Persia.
People of these nations were free to choose between converting to Islam or maintaining on their own beliefs.
Muslims ruled Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon since the 8th century and Christianity continued to exist today.
Spain was ruled by Muslims for 700 years and India for 500 and the vast majorities were not Muslims. However Islam spread in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Chad and Niger by trade. There are about thousand persons convert Islam daily in America.
It means that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today.

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