Senior Scholar Meets Islamic Associations Officials in Japan
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In the contexts of a visit by the senior scholars and adviser of the Royal Court Sheikh Saad Al-Shathri to Japan, He met the Islamic Associations officials in Japan. The Arab Islamic Institute in Tokyo organized the meeting and it witnessed the presence of the ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Tokyo Mohammed Barrak.

Sheikh Al-Shathri gave an opening speech in wherein he confirmed the importance of the devotion in the work for the sake of religion. He insisted on the need for cooperation and integration among workers in the Islamic affairs. He also pointed out the need for the introduction of the centrism and the moderation in ideas, actions and behaviors praising the necessity of the Muslims in Japan to adhere the morals of Islam towards non-Muslims and to respect the laws and the regulations.

After that, the representatives of the Islamic Associations in Japan spoke and praised the role of the Kingdom towards Islam and Muslims in Japan. Some of them pointed out that the history of those efforts is related since the beginning of Islam in Japan until the present time. They |praised the materialist or moral support received by the Muslim community like as constructions, purchases and buildings of the Mosques and Islamic Centers in Japan. Of course they appraised the Saudi government for their support and leadership.

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