Islamic Affairs organizes an Intercultural-conference in cooperation with Beijing University.
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under the guidance and the care of his Excellency the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da’awa and Guidance Sheikh Saleh Al Al-Sheikh is working to enhance communication and understandings between different cultures and religions. Similarly there are great efforts being made by “Knowledge Exchange” program that organizes an international symposium in cooperation with the Beijing University entitled “Interchange and the Communication between Cultures”. The symposium activities and its accompanying workshops were held at the Chinese capital Beijing, on 24-25/9/2016. The executive supervisor of the program, his Excellency Dr. Abdullah Al-Luhaidan explained that this symposium aims to clarify the true image of Islam and to correct the erroneous image about Islam in the media. It aims at showing Islam as a centrist religion that rejects violence, hatred and extremism in all its forms. It enhances the cultural communication among those interested in religious studies in the West and the whole world. This, to achieve better understanding and show the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as carrying the correct Islamic banner based on centrism and moderation

In addition, it provides an opportunity to the people interested in other religions and cultures to familiarize themselves with Islamic culture and civilization. Moreover, it builds bridges of understanding and cultural communication between different parties. He added that the program had previously held several international symposiums in many countries in Europe, America and Asia. A number of university professors, writers, historians and journalists as well as a number of representatives from the other religions participated in the symposium.

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