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Muslims are accused of intolerance to homosexuality or lesbianism which the modern world considers it as alternative life-style personal preference or a natural variation.
But, even if Islam did not introduce anti-gay legislature, the texts of Torah condemns these acts.
In addition, the side effects of these acts as AIDS are enough making them evil and dangerous to society since the spread of AIDS was concentrated among homosexual community.
In Islam, these acts are learned not inborn because if God made people homosexuals then they are not responsible but God is exalted above any kind of injustice or haphazard actions.
Seeking to protect people from learning these condemned acts, Islam teaches parents to separate children in their beds by the age of ten to avoid sexual experiences leading them to resort to such acts.
In the modern world, clothes are designed to encourage people to accept these acts since the male clothes become feminine and vice versa. Islam seeks hard to protect people from committing any acts resulting in harm to themselves or to others.

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