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Cloning is the process of reproducing populations of genetically-identical individuals whether animals or humans.
It is believed that the first time we hear about cloning was in 1997 when Dr. Wilmut called that he had successfully cloned a sheep named Dolly from the mammary cell of an ewe.
Islam encourages the use of science to find cures to diseases, developing medicines and anything for the betterment of human lives without harming others.
Cloning can be used to save human lives. Most Islamic scholars did not object gene-manipulation in vegetables for the benefit of human lives as there is no harm to human life they also do not object.
If it is possible to colon parts of the body for beings and no harm is done to lives, then the door could be open, as saving lives is a primary goal in Islam.
So, it is permissible to adopt cloning techniques and genetic engineering in the area of germs, micro organisms, plants and animals according to Islamic rules. But cloning entire being is not permissible.
The Qur`an reads: “And indeed we have already honored the seeds (sons) of Adam and carried them on land and sea, and provided them of the good (things), and graced them over many of whom we created with marked graciousness”.
(Isra`)(17-70) Therefore, Islam prohibits anything that may cause harm to man and disrupt the social framework or his kingship and lineage.

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