A German City Intends to Allocate Free Places for Building Mosques
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Monheim am Rhein city in central-western Germany intends to hand over for free a piece of land to two Muslims groups in order to build mosques on it. Daniel Zimmerman, Mayor of the city and the local representative of Peto Party, said: The value of these pieces of land reaches approximately 850 thousand euro.
The Mayer of Monheim am Rhein city added that “this is not a matter of a gift as the two Muslim groups can’t do anything they want with this lands. Rather it’s a hand over with conditions”.

He explained that the building of mosques raises serious controversies in other places such as the city of Erfurt for the time being. And among the specified conditions is that mosques minarets to be built on these pieces of land should not exceed 20 meters. It also does not allow the two groups to transfer the lands ownership to a third party without the consent of the city authorities. They should also keep necessity obligations towards the constitution and tolerance principals. In case of non-compliance with these conditions the city regains the lands territory back.

According to Saudi Arabian newspaper “Alriyadh”, it is expected that the mosque would be supervised by the Turkish Islamic Union in Germany (DITIB). It is to be built directly next to the Catholic and the Evangelical Church.

Zimmerman continues saying that followers of the two communities “Old Knowledge” are residents in Monheim since mid-eighties, it is expected that the city council will vote on these plans coming sixth of July.


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