Mufti: Saudi Arabia Knows No Sectarianism, Partisanship Or Conflicts
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Al-Madina newspaper published a report for Lutfi Abdul Alatif on Monday 5/12/2011 titled: Mufti: Saudi Arabia knows no Sectarianism, Partisanship or Conflicts

Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh stressed that Saudi Arabia is a far cry from sectarianism, conflicts and partisanship due to God`s support and the wisdom of the country`s leadership in taking interest of their people. He also appreciated the role of the universities towards youth and the community, stressing the importance of following the teachings of Qur`an and Sunnah.
He gave a message to the students that they have to do good deeds and know how great students of knowledge are rewarded. “Parents have to pay more attention for students from their childhood especially regarding performing the five daily prayers, since the parents are role models for their sons in almost everything. And for youth, they have to take their responsibility toward their country and nation” he said.
“Our hope rests on the university in containing the students and increasing their awareness to what can benefit them and their society. And as I thank God for granting us faithful rulers who follow the teachings of Qur`an and Sunnah, so we have to be supporters for them and get united to defend our country and nation, recognizing that no one is infallible, so let us think good of each other and cooperate with our rulers for the interest of this nation” He added in his meeting with director, staff, and students of Majmaah University, held in the main hall in university students` hostel.

Alsharq Alawsat newspaper published on Tuesday 6/12/2011 a report for Muhammad Abdu Hassanin titled: Head of Al Nour party to Alsharq Alawsat: Shari`a is Our Main Goal But Priority for the Society Reform

Dr. Emad Abdul Ghafour head of Salafi Nour party which won almost one quarter of the first round of the current Egyptian election said: “Applying Islamic Shari`a is one of the main goals of our party, if not the most important at all… but it takes time to achieve this goal. Priority is given now to the economic, security and political reform besides forming a coalition government in cooperation with all parties”.
As for the list of Freedom and Justice Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, it has won 36.6 % in the first round of the parliamentary election followed by Al Nour, the salafi party, with 24.4% with anticipations to continue success in the next rounds.
Abdul Ghafour expected that Salafists could win the same share or may be more in the two next rounds, refusing allegation that they will restrict the freedoms when they enter people`s assembly.
“why focus is given to stuff like Nagib Mahfouz`s novels”. Abdal Gahfour wondered “they are issues of the past that the Islamic research council have already discussed it many times…we don’t want to discuss it any more…our focus has to be directed to do efforts as possible as we can to build our country.. Let us stay away from what can separate us and focus instead on what can get us together”
Regarding his vision for the next government as the Military Council declared that it – the Military Council, and not people`s assembly- will be responsible for its formation, Abdal Ghafour said: “it’s not possible in any country that the majority party plays that role of opposition instead of forming the government, however I`d like for the parties that won more than 5% to be represented in the next government”
On his part Dr Muhammad Morsi, head of The Freedom and Justice Party, said that it is not the time to discuss which form the next government would take. Discussing stuff like this, he mentioned, is nonsense right now, since all parties are busy now with the second and the third rounds of the elections. “We are already in a coalition of ten parties including liberal and leftist parties” he responded to a question about the possibility of making coalition with Islamic parties.

Riyadh newspaper published on Sunday 4/12/2011, issue No.15868, a report for Gam`an Alknani titled: The World Assembly of Muslim Youth Inaugurates the Islamic Center of “Al-Rahma” in Kenya.

The World Assembly of Muslim Youth has recently inaugurated (the Islamic centre of Al-Rhmah) in Kenya, east of Africa, to serve 800 people.
In a report for director of the assembly office in Nairobi he said that the center, located at the coastal city of Mombasa, accommodates a mosque, a number of school classes, administrative offices and house for the Imam.
The assembly has established earlier tow schools in (Osailo and Ogeer districts in Kenya) for Muslims whose numbers were dropped in the secondary schools.
It’s worth mentioning that the city of (Mombasa), the second largest city of Kenya and its main port, was established by Arabs, so the majority of its people still Muslims and whenever you are in the city, you can hear call for prayers five times a day.

Al-Madina newspaper published on Sunday 4/12/2011 a report titled:Symposiums to Promote Moderation and Combat Extremism In Saudi Arabia

With the beginning of the new year of the Islamic calendar, the ministry of Islamic affairs, endowments, da`wa ad guidance started the second stage of the monthly forum programs for promoting moderation and combating extremism in all regions of Saudi Arabia.
The ministry`s agency for mosques, da`wa and guidance formed specialized committees to assess the program so as to suggest the suitable topics, titles and guest speakers for the monthly symposiums.
The under secretary for the ministry`s agency of mosques, Da`wa and guidance Dr. Tawfeek Bin Abdulaziz Alsdeery affirmed that the three year program of the first stage which included many regions in Saudi Arabia, had a positive effect in achieving its hopeful goals in promoting moderation and combating violence, terrorism and closely engaging the participants to the ministry and its programs.
Alsdiri said that 500 scholars, professionals and students of knowledge participated in the program, mentioning that 187 symposium were held in the first stage of the program and discussed topics including (moderation, intellectual security, terrorism, extremism and dialogue and its influence in positive intellectual building and security)
He indicated that the program aims at increasing the influence of Friday`s sermon and the role of mosque in achieving intellectual security and moderation. The program also will focus on the religious address to combat intellectual deviants, crises jurisprudence, extremism, contemporary issues in Jihad, and the issues related to faith and how the religious approach of politics can save the interest of the community.

Riyadh newspaper published on Wednesday 7/12/2011 issue 15671 a report for Yasser Al Garwsha titled: “Relief Organization” Offer New Aid to the Affected People in Somalia

International Islamic relief organization delivered new aids estimated at 2 million and 630 KG of food, clothes and medicines to the Somali people affected by drought. It also managed to distribute almost 2000 food baskets of as part of the campaign the custodian of the two holy mosques, regardless of climate changes due to rain fall. The secretary general of the organization, Dr Adnan Bin Khalil Basha said that the delegation reported that the organization began with distributing 420, 000 KG of food in 30 camps of the displaced people, followed by 560,000 KG and then another 650 KG of the same stuff, in addition to 600,000 KG in remote areas out of the capital. The report added that, regardless of the climate change, security disturbances and troubles, the delegation managed through four teams to deliver such humanitarian aid over 14 continuous days.

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