Suicide Bombings
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Suicide Bombings
Suicide bombing is instance in which a person straps explosives onto his body and detonate them in a crowded public area (usually an act of terrorism). Islam forbids suicide bombings. God, Glory Be To Him, says “And don’t kill yourselves. Surely God has been Ever-Merciful to you.
And whoever performs that in hostility and unjustly, then we will eventually roast him at the fire; and that has been for God an easy (thing).” (An-Nisa`) (4:29,30).
So the concept of “suicide bombing” is fundamentally unacceptable in Islam.
The intention behind suicide is to escape the problems of this life. But those who strap bombs around themselves in order to kill as many of the enemy soldiers as possible are not tired of life.
This is a form of military strategy, because they don’t have the military strength to confront the enemy on the battlefield. This is also not accepted, they should develop the strength of Muslims, not kill themselves.

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