The Speech Is Given By Dr Abdullah Al Lheedan
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Dear friends
Thank you very much for accepting our invitation and coming here today. Sometime people calling for communication and understanding are lost. Some Muslims view them as weak, and some non-Muslims still look at them as religious and don’t want to communicate with religious Muslims.

The speech is given by Dr Abdullah Al lheedan
The executive supervisor of knowledge exchange program

In the name of God the Gracious the Merciful
Prayers and blessings of God upon all messengers and prophets

I give thanks to God for giving Arabs and the world the great religion of Islam. Before Islam, Arabs were living in a primitive stage. They were living in different tribes fighting each other. They used to visit the holy places in Makkah naked. They inherited the respect of the holy mosque in Makkah from their great grandfathers, prophet Ismael, the son of the great messenger and Prophet Abraham and his slave wife Hajjar, but they perverted from the religion of Abraham to polytheism. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) preached Islam for Arabs for 23 years and when he passed away Arabs were worshiping one God and living in one state, and last but not least wearing clothes like all civilized people.

Dear friends
In the mid-18th century Arabia lost the true religion, civilization and unity. But one of the religious scholars had enough courage and determination to renew Islam, his name is Muhammad Bin Abdul-wahab. He did this in cooperation with the Amir one of the tens of Emirates at that time, i.e Muhammad Bin Saud. They succeeded in achieving Arabia unity and civilization. In the beginning of the 20th century, King Abdul-Aziz restored Arabia unity after a short dismemberment by the end of the 19th century. King Abdul-Aziz founded the modern Saudi Arabia on the principles of the first Saudi state.

Dear friends
Since the time of Prophet Muhammad, the religion of Islam is the religion of mercy and its message was universal. Non-Arabs converted to Islam in the time of Prophet Muhammad. Four examples came to mind.
1. Salman of Persia, who came to Arabia because a prophet following the religion of Jonah told him, when was asking about the true religion, that the true religion was about to begin in Arabia. So he went there waiting for the time of the last messenger and prophet and followed Prophet Muhammad as soon as he started preaching Islam.

2. Suhaib the Roman, he was in a journey looking for true religion when he found it in Makkah.

3. Bilal the Abyssinian who was a slave to one of the Makkah merchants.
4. Abdullah Bin Salam who was a Jewish living in Madinah and converted to Islam the moment he saw the prophet.

In addition, Islam kindly and with justice treated the followers of other religions, such as Judaism and Christianity, during the life of the prophet. Of course in the long history of Islam, people sometimes diverted from the principles of kindness and justice toward their fellow Muslims and toward non-Muslims. But the true scholars and Muslims were always there to correct this diversion.

Dear friends
I will leave the floor to my colleagues to introduce our program, and then you are asked to speak about any question or inquiry you want to discuss in our website or suggestion to help us contact similar programs in your countries.

Dear friends
Thank you very much again and God bless us all.

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