The Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia
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The Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia
Established in March 1983, the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia (CGIE) is a scientific and research institute for compiling and publishing general and special encyclopedias about all aspects and dimensions of human culture and civilization, specially Islamic and Iranian culture and civilization. In order to set up this center, it was necessary to identify all possible ways and to create an integrated scientific institute with excellent scientific and research capability. Thus, some of the most prominent and well-known Iranian scholars and researchers invited and CGIE described its motivations, positions, and aims and asked them for close cooperation and collaboration. The first core of the scientific institute that was established based on this policy, reviewed methods of encyclopedia authorship and provided and implemented a scientific project.
As its first step, the institute decided to publish The Great Islamic Encyclopedia. Practically started in 1984, this project had many difficulties and barriers in terms of collecting and accessing research tools and resources. Furthermore, the lack of a rich library containing the most original and creditable resources on Islamic and Iranian history and culture was obviously felt. However, development of the library located in scientific institute of CGIE as well as invitation of prominent and well-known researchers, paved the way for writing and compiling desired articles based on a systematic and scientific method. To accelerate the process of research, the rapid development of the library was very vital issue. So, some representatives of CGIE in Arabian countries, Indian subcontinent and Europe involved in collecting and identifying required resources. This process is following yet and until now nearly 400,000 volumes of books and periodicals on all fields of Islamic history and culture are available in CGIE. This policy led to establishment of one of the greatest special libraries on Islam and many researchers from CGIE and other research centers use its resources. Connecting to global computerized networks made the scientific relations of CGIE with other research institutes and world libraries stronger as well as enriched the library’s information resources
Here the process for all in-print encyclopedias in CGIE is described: At first, through studying main, secondary and contemporary information resources as well as different encyclopedias and dictionaries, a list of entries is extracted by members of the Title Selection Section. The entries are sent to the scientific sections in order to be reviewed and edited. Then, heads and permanent members of the scientific sections review the related list of entries and after any possible correction and revision send it back to the Title Selection Section. When confirmed by chief editor, the titles are embedded in the list of entries and for each of them a separate sheet is considered. The entries, in the alphabetical order, are gradually announced to the related scientific sections and a scientific file is provided for each of them. In the scientific sections, researchers refer to key information resources related to each entry and make a copy of them. The files that prepared in this way, in accordance with their subjects, are sent to scientific sections. Heads of sections submit the entries and compiled files to researchers and authors in CGIE and other scientific centers for writing appropriate encyclopedic articles.
In many cases, writing articles is supported by advisory role of heads of scientific sections. The written articles are reviewed in terms of references cited by researchers of the Review Section. Then, the report of the Review Section together with the original article turns back to the author for possible revisions and corrections. After checking the articles by authors themselves, heads of sections or permanent members with supervision of heads of sections edit the scientific writing of articles and send it to the Editing and Publishing Section. In this section, all articles are reviewed and edited in terms of technical writing and prepared for publishing. The Editing and Publishing Section also supervise the process of encyclopedia publishing.
In every stages mentioned before, the articles should be reviewed by chief editor and his final confirmation is necessary for publishing them in encyclopedias


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