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The University of New England offers one of the most comprehensive postgraduate programs in Islamic Studies in Australia. Inaugurated in 1995 and currently taught through the School of Humanities – ‘Understanding Muslim Societies in Asia’ – seeks to explain the beliefs and practices of Islam, as well as the challenges it both faces and poses in the world today.
Chief among these challenges, which are sparking widespread debate, are:
• the rejection of secular, especially Western culture;
• the revival and reassertion of Islamic values;
• the espousal of an Islamic world order; and
• the manifestation of international and domestic terrorism in the name of Islam.
This course aims not only to explain these developments, but also dispel the misperceptions that historically attach to Islamic culture and continue to color the treatment Islam receives in the press and on television. Students will be conducted through questions of religion, politics, law, economics, business ethics, gender relations, cultural expressions, education and development. In effect the whole volatile interaction of modernism and Islamic tradition will be explored.

Why Study Islamic Studies at UNE?
‘Understanding Muslim Societies in Asia’ is a flexible multi-disciplinary MA (coursework) program that:
– Is offered entirely through distance education
– Is a direct pathway to a MA [HONS] or PhD
– Has an unique Australian and regional focus
– Is HECs liable
– Can be done part-time
The course has been specifically designed as a response to the Australian government’s encouragement for Australians to become more knowledgeable about their region and the cultures that inform it. We have rapidly growing Muslim communities in all our centers of population and to our immediate north are the most populous Muslim nations in the world – Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh – that have potentially as much power as Saudi Arabia to determine Islam’s future direction. What the Asia focus on Islam permits is a critical examination of the inter-relationship between the middle-eastern and regional dimensions of Islamic activity that will be played out within Australia’s orbit of contact.
Islamic Studies at UNE has been designed particularly for people who deal closely with Muslims and their communities in their daily transactions: especially school teachers, health care deliverers, business people, tourist operators, and public servants. We are confident that you will find this course to be of great practical benefit as well as stimulating and fascinating.


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