Reply to allegations/ abuses of Orientalists in the Holy Qur’an
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Abuses/ infringements / violations Began in Qur’an since the first moments of the Declaration of the Prophet all prayers and blessings of Allah be upon him the Call and received the revelation from Allah, so they alleged that the Qur’an from The words of Muhammad, all prayers and blessings of Allah be upon him and that they can say like him because it repeats the Tales of the ancients Allah Said ” And when Our Verses (of the Qur’an) are recited to them, they say: “We have heard this (the Qur’an); if we wish we can say the like of this. This is nothing but the tales of the ancients.” (Al-Anfal 8:31)
And then they claimed that the Prophet, peace be upon him took the Qur’an from People of the Book and they said that he is a poet. And he is a Soothsayer, and so on series of lies and fabrications without evidence or proof .
Therefore, allegations/ abuses continued against the Qur’an through History from of all the enemies of Islam until these lies and fabrications reached our time what is in fact just a repetition of the suspicions of Quraish disbelievers which Holy Qur’an cancelled in clear verses and confuted by reality, history and science. But who was the fantasy/ the vain desires in front of him and lies and hypocrisy was his weapon he will not stop forwarding allegations to the Holy Qur’an. Those are divide in our time into two categories :despiteful Orientalists and often those specious arguments are clear and their hatred are apparent and announced, and the other Category are secularists Muslims followers of Orientalists. Their allegations are unclear and deceivable, and because of their Islamic names and their wickedness in challenge their suspicions sometimes believed by some Muslims because of the weakness of their Islamic culture. Allah the Exalted , the Majestic Has informed us in the Holy Qur’an by this standing fact until now Allah said ” And those who disbelieve say, “Do not listen to this Qur’an and speak noisily during [the recitation of] it that perhaps you will overcome.”( FUSSILAT 26) but far away to have victory over the words of Allah , the Exalted , the Majestic. In order to divulge these contemporary suspicions and allegations which are repetitions of the precedent suspicions Dr.Abdul Mohsen Bin Zaban Al-Mutairi confront to respond these suspicions in his doctorial research and titled” Fabricator Cases in the Holy Qur’an at and reply on it, from Cairo University in 2003, then printed in Dar El Bashaeir Al Eslamyia Beirut in 2006 and it is a 400-pages plus indexes and references. The Researcher divides his Research into chapters theoretical and Practical, in the theoretical chapter, the Researcher explains that the history of aggression against the Holy Quran commenced from the beginning of Islam, and it is not a new discovery or scientific triumph as some think today, and the scientists designate for these aggressions special discussions in their books and works to respond to the suspicions about the Qur’an from the early period of the history of Islam, Imam Sufian bin Ayinnah ( deceased in 198 A.H) has a book titled “Answers of the Qur’an” and before him the imam Mukatel Bin Sulaiman(deceased little after 150 A.H) has a book ” Answers in the Qur’an” but is missing Unfortunately !! The works of the advanced scientists have been varied in responding on the Qur’an aggressions among works replied on the linguistic and grammatical suspicions that’s many Orientalists and seculars repeat on the internet sites today, and works replied on the objective and moral aggressions and abstruseness. The researcher has counted 25 printed publications responding to the malicious aggressions on the Holy Qur’an between the Old and modern and 24 handwritten works have not been printed yet and 56 Heritage publications missing!
And within his study, the researcher reached that the aggressions in the Holy Qur’an is divided into two parts, suspicions around the Holy Quran and it is what relate to collecting the Holy Quran and its division into Makki and Madani : and the seven characters of the Qur’an and the ten readings and the miracles of the Qur’an, and so on, and there are various specialized books response on these abuses so the researcher doesn’t treat. His works relates with response on these abuses in the second section and it is related to aggressions to the Qur’an itself in its concepts , news , facts, sacredness and preservation and it is the same suspensions that the Holy Qur’an confront itself and respond on its roots. However the practical chapter, the researcher has devoted to answer on these abuses/ infringements in complete and detailed responses and researcher found that these abuses/ infringements represented in four Basics roots branched out into particulars and matters. If the young Muslims today read any book expose to these four basic suspicions wouldn’t happened what we see today of doubts and arguments around the Qur’an on the social network sites and these four basic suspicions are :
1- deny of Holy Qur’an be attributed to Allah, and they are differences in it, some of them say it is from Muhammad’s Words and it is a result of emotions or a result of self-hypnosis! Or a mental experience or epilepsy! And some say that Qur’an neither the words of Allah nor words of Mohammed, but Muhammad had transferred from others, then they dispute on the cited is he from the former people of the book or copies of the Torah and the Bible, then the result will be denial of the divine source of Quran and considered unholy and capable to respond, violation and criticize. And This is a repeat of the suspicions of Quraish disbelievers Allah Said” This Qur´an is not such as can be produced by other than Allah; on the contrary it is a confirmation of (revelations) that went before it, and a fuller explanation of the Book – wherein there is no doubt – from the Lord of the worlds” (Yunus: 37) and He said “” Say: “It is not for me, of my own accord, to change it: I follow naught but what is revealed unto me” (Yunus 15), But if this were the words of Mohammed, why were Arabs unable to bring as like ?and what was even odder than this that Muhammad acquitted himself from attribute Quran for himself , so why he has weaken his Contemporaries to similarity ? We have seen the Holy Quran differs from some interpretations of Muhammad and blame him on it. If it was his words he would have hide and didn’t written such criticism. The Qur’an says” May Allah pardon you, [O Muhammad]; why did you give them permission [to remain behind]? [You should not have] until it was evident to you who were truthful and you knew [who were] the liars.” AT-TAWBAH 43). And from the contradictions of those Assaulter on the Quran they say it is from the words of Mohammed, then they say that he had took it from non-Arab slave or servant he says” And indeed WE know that they say that it is only a man who teaches him. But the tongue of him towards whom their minds is inclined in making this insinuation is foreign while this is Arabic tongue plain and clear”( Nahl: 103). and why these teachers turn to Mohammed and let him obtain glory instead of them if Mohammed had transmitted / taken it from them? As for aspersion that Mohammed had read it from Torah and the Bible, it is well known that he was illiterate does not read Arabic as well as any other languages that written by Torah and Bible and in his time there was no an Arabic version of them!! And how the Torah and the Bible be source of the Quran, and they are differs in many verses of what it came with? Allah Exalted be He, revealed The Holy Quran to be the ruler of the whole of humanity and not just for the believers Allah says” And (O Muhammad) follow that which is inspired in thee, and forbear until Allah give judgment. And He is the Best of Judges” and Allah says” And We have sent down to you (O Muhammad ) the Book (this Qur’an) in truth, confirming the Scripture that came before it and Mohayminan (trustworthy in highness and a witness) over it (old Scriptures) . So judge between them by what Allah has revealed, and follow not their vain desires, diverging away from the truth that has come to you.” And how to unsound humans comment on the words of Allah the All-Knowing and the All-Wise?” Allah commands, there is none to put back His Command: and He is swift in calling to account” (Al Raad 41).
2- the Second suspicion that the Quran isn’t save and we didn’t received it totally but it was exposed to increase or decrease. This issue is groundless evidence and has been adopted by some corrupted/ misled groups in the past and present. Then supported by Orientalists and follow them, although more than 1,400 years after the revelation of the Qur’an no one could argue on the decrease or increase, the Fair- minded people of non Muslims have recognized the so. And when they feel unable to prove their lies by Distortion the Quran or increasing or decreasing they concerned with Naskh(abrogation) in the Holy Quran. Naskh(abrogation) is well known and fixed before the Quran in the torah and bible , Al Naskh (abrogation) are in the Lawful Provisions and not be in the religious news which are beliefs or historical news and they are the Stories of the Prophets and their people, Al Naskh (abrogation) doesn’t arise contradiction but it is a gradually respect to human either by gradually in the prevention and prohibition such as prevention of alcohol, Al Naskh (abrogation) came to facilitate the occurrence of complete abstinence on stages and it may be for making it easier or mitigation as Al Naskh (abrogation) of Permissibility of offering foods (Fatr)in Ramadan between sunset prayer (Maghreb) and Evening prayer (Al Ashaa) only in the beginning of Islam.
3- Third suspicion they claim that in the Quran a contradiction and this is a big lie promoted by falsifiers without evidence or proof which are negated in the words of Allah, The Exalted, The Majestic All-Knowing and the All-Wise, because incidence of the contradiction in the Qur’an indicates invalidity and that’s impossible but sometimes because of ignorance of Arabic Language and the wholeness of Quran some people thinks that in the Quran contradiction. For example, they said, there are contradictions between the verses Allah saying” I do not call to witness this City” (Sura Al-Balad. ) and (Allah) saying” And this City of security” (Sura Al Teen) how can He negates the oath of the country then he oath by it? Actually it is not a contradiction but it is ignorance of the Arabic language, and this isn’t negative (not), but (not) if it came in the oath gave it power and affirmed. He did not deny the oath of the country but affirmed it by (No) Allah Says” But no, by your Lord, they will not [truly] believe until they make you, [O Muhammad], judge concerning that over which they dispute among themselves and then find within themselves no discomfort from what you have judged and submit in [full, willing] submission”(Al Nisaa 65) And that’s known in Arabs Poetry. The researcher cited a lot of invalid examples which despiteful People allegedly indicating there are contradiction in the Qur’an and it is contradictions in their limited and diseased illusion.
4- Fourth Suspicion their claim that the Quran is contrary to fixed facts, whether lawful, historical, universal truths. For examples their accusation to Muhammad is a Stray as Allah Says” And He found you lost and guided [you]”(Sura Al Duha )” a astray here refer to that it was not time of Religion and prophecy. So Astray here is linguistic and not legitimate (Lawful) which means that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him didn’t agree to his people even before the prophecy he didn’t prostrates to idols and did not drink alcohol and didn’t exposed his genitals, he was distinct from his people but he did not know the right himself until he received the revelation by prophecy. Moreover, the Quran uses the word of delusion with a number of the prophets and not intended straying from the right path but the linguistic straying, and it is a lack of knowledge. Allah Says about the murder of Moses, peace be upon him for the man ” [Moses] said, “I did it, then, while I was of those astray”( ASH-SHU’ARA :20) and what is meant here is the Error.
It is also hatred that they claim the Quran is contrary to the facts of history, and which reveals their debauchery that they suggests doubts to the pre-Islamic poetry and history of the Arabs, then they want the trial of the Quran to collected/ combined History not proven before that thousands of years, so what scientific Methodology they follow? And they want trial of the Quran as/ to what stated in the Torah and the Bible stories that totally contradict with each other according to copies and translations differences which confirms that they issue about passion/ Feelings and not a science and knowledge.
The lies that the Quran are contradicts with the universal sciences, is a great lie. Thus, in this Era appears as never before the conformity of Quran to the Universal sciences and the advance of human knowledge in it, even though it came from old epoch does not know these sciences andfacts , which assured that it is not from Muhammad peace be upon him but it is from Allah the all Knowing and the All-Wise .

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