Features Of Islamic Thought
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With the imbrication of different intellectual approaches and the difference of trends in these days, authentic Islamic thought has become strange or surprising for some people, especially with the many controversies and disagreements.

Islamic thought needs agreed principles to clear its way, and to be the key outline of the Islamic thinker that does not prevent the diligent and the innovative to live with his thought through the set lines, and strive with his available means.

Here, we are trying to offer a vision that we hope to be acceptable to Islamic thinkers about the most important features and controls that the Islamic intellectual movement must go through:

First: Faith:

By faith I mean that the belief frame is to be the larger frame that surrounds the methods of Islamic thought in order to be rational and to bear the desired fruit. The Islamic way is based on firm belief, bright and transparent monotheistic belief and full sincere obedience, and these three principles are the primary determinant of correct thought. Any thought increasing the faith is right thought and any thought sought to decrease or weak faith or affect negatively the value of obedience or do not save monotheism has deviated from its agreed goal.

Hence, it is necessary for the Islamic thinkers to survive the idea of faith and obedience in their writings and make it a common ground in their intellectual creations, whatever its level or field, as it is the main attribute of the Islamic thought compared with the other intellectual methods and techniques.

It is therefore necessary to seek about thought based on faith that is not incompatible with mind or intellect, but rather builds upon and nourished by it. The believers in the eyes of the Quran are Those are the ones endued with understanding and the verses of the Quran are indeed signs for a people who understand or for the people who reflect

We need distinguished Islamic thought that suit this huge number of ideas, interpretations and innovations that shower the Islamic scene every hour.Any thinker neglects the faith side, has not yet understood this great message that lit up the whole world.

If we look at the other point of the holders of these intellectual models, we find that our neglect of these aspects will born distorted minds with a lot of thinking and innovation and lack faith and slavery, and it will therefore break with the first shock and fail in the first test.

Concepts such as (dedication, control, accounting, trust ..) Are spiritual weapons that demonstrate the rational intellectual impact in the hearts and souls of its owners, and from here, the ideas of loyal Muslim intellectuals remained as beacons on the road if the divine is their original intellectual frame of which they set off to spacious space of creativity and contribution.

Second: Science:

By scientific as a feature of Islamic wise thinking I mean the right qualities of science, which is based on the correct and certain evidence, and its results is based on steps that lead to true constant.

Strategic thinking is a kind of scientific thinking, which must be concerned by the Islamic intellectual project and to be adopted by as an important method of characterization of the future of Islam everywhere.

And tactical thinking is based on the planning, arranging and preparing another type of thinking that should be adopted and accepted in our intellectual project.

And critical guiding thinking is a third type to find out the defect and give tips and showing that the scientific thinking is the one that is not based on emotion as a driver of behaviour, and that does not accept improvisation in work or performance, nor emotionality as unusual exception to the wisdom and fortitude, It also does not recognize the concepts of justification, negligence, and selfishness and other destructive concepts that have always carved in the body of the nation while Islam is completely innocent.

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was the best commander who adopts each successful method that helps to build the nation and he encouraged the positive thinking that builds and wins.

The companions after him collected the Qur’an, set the borders of the Islamic State, secured it organized ruling methods, put the bureaucracy, divided the gifts and set up justice and fairness.

The scientific outlook within the Islamic thought depends on the objective way in dealing with attitudes and behaviours to weigh facts and assess the attitudes with justice look into the negatives and positives and not to satisfy with characterization of the facts without analyzing, but analyze behaviours and know its motives and assess large and small situations to find out its reasons and evaluate it correctly. The scientific outlook makes the thinker respects the other opinions and specializations and not to make rush judgments and decisions only after careful study and extensive research.

Third: Moderation:

An authentic feature within the rational Islamic thought derived from Quranic Sunnah texts. As our nation is a middle one and our religion is moderate one.It is an attribute that must be of Islamic thought to renounce every deviant thought and disordered mind and to reject any stray, rigid or extreme idea.Islam look for moderation includes its look to the life, the whole universe, the society and all people and also its look to ideas and approaches.The Prophet (PBUH) has criticized those who exaggerated in worship and resigned the prophet worship and said to them: What is wrong with a people, who say such and such, I fast and break my fast, I stand in prayer and I sleep and I marry women; so whoever turns away from my

Sunnah is not from me Al-Sahih

Imam al-Dhahabi may God have mercy on him commented on those who are strict with themselves in the religion of Allah and said: The religion of Islam is easy and tolerant, and Muslim should eat from good if he could, as Allah said: Let the rich man spend according to his means. Women were the most beloved thing to our Prophet (PBUH) as well as perfume, meat, candy, honey and cold drink, and musk, and he (PBUH) is the best of creature and the most beloved to Allah. When the worshiper who lacks knowledge renounces the worldly pleasures and lives in chastity and hungry, and isolates himself, then the devil penetrates into his soul, and make him think that he had arrived to the top, then the devil whispers to him, so he will look to the believers with contempt, and remembers their sins, and looks at himself as a perfect faithful, and he perhaps believes that he is a holy man. And that is not of our religion at all. The merits of holy men includes good behavior, glorification of God, leaving contact with the public, weep for sin, recitation and reflection, hate and love other for the sake of God, a lot of rightful fast, night prayer, humility for Muslims, kinship, forgiveness, spending with destitution, tell the bitter truth gently, enjoin good and forbid evil, turn away from the ignorant, fighting enemy, performing the pilgrimage, eat good things, frequent forgiveness in early dawn Biographies of Notable Nobles 12 89

We know that the Islamic history had passed a period dominated by the radical exclusionary thought as a result of the extreme conditions passed by the thinkers and the pressure and pain experienced by the Islamists. But today we call upon the intellectuals of the Islam’s sons to adopt this moderate approach of Islam thought, and the moderate thought that rejects charging communities and institutions with infidelity, and let such judgments to scholars and legal professionals and judges. This moderate thought accepts from the community his faith in God and judge according to the apparent deeds and do not search for inward thoughts.

It is in the middle between the advocates of narrow sectarian and the excessive anti-sectarian, between the advocates of openness to the world without controls and the advocates of openness to oneself without justification, between politicians and those who neglect it, between those who rush to pick the fruit prematurely, and those who do not care until it fall in the hands of others, between the extravagant optimism and those who pay no attention to barriers, and those who are extravagant in pessimism and see nothing except darkness. The advocate of the rational Islam thought should observe and sympathize with the conditions of the people and what surround them of machinations and conspiracies in every direction to divert them from their religion and mislead the straight way of Allah.

The Islamic nation is now in urgent need to advocator heart full of mercy and compassion for people and wants good and advice for them, who does not stop his mission or become tired of response to the disobedient as he knows their seriousness, he also knows that their reluctance is because of their ignorance, so he does not stop convincing them and guiding them. Abu Jarir bin Abdullah may Allah be pleased with him said: The prophet (PBUH) said: (He who is deprived of kindness is deprived of good.) Sahih Muslim

Fourth: Realism:The main feature of rational Islam thought is realism, which means that:

1- To start from affordable and available choices, and not to swim in unaffordable imaginations to start from which while he is still in his place.

2- To estimate things with realistic careful manner and do not exaggerate in imaging it or underestimate its ability or the effectiveness of its members, as it put their program after knowing their energies accurately and it is therefore employs all energies, do not neglect any of them, and put the right man in the right place without being deceived by his famous name, sweet speech, or apparent loyalty but it estimates the potential impartially and real realism.

To evaluate its members all time, as the successful persons are its members that it depend on, and the lazy ones who do not depart their places or leave their beds should organize themselves. And blame to some gatherings that some of its member have taken the leadership and responsibility as a sofa to rest on, those losers should open the way for those of high aspirations and to purify their hearts from selfishness, as the call for the sake of Allah is not a legacy or heritage.

4 – Also, the realism thought includes to call for action to be leaded by the divine believers, and do not leave the leadership in the hands of those who have a little science or experience, but it should be in hands of those combine faith, science, experience and achievement.
5 – The realism thought is a thought that is far from the emotions and not affected by the temporary enthusiasm, and do not listen to others, but all of his steps are according to a previous sensitive maps and plans.

Finally, the march of rational Islamic thought needs badly every sincere scientific intellectual effort that emphasizes its constants and set the way to deal with variables and correct its mistakes and diagnose disease and prescribe the medication..

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